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Mod to keep companions from boarding vertibird


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I am wondering if there is a mod that has a companion's ability to board a vertibird be removed as I have a mod that im too deep into to delete, After I realized the glitch all companions i now recruit just disappears and poofs onto the vertibird. 

Or if anyone knows how to edit the code to remove companions from boarding the vertibird it will be greatly appreciated as I want to keep playing with codsworth as he is my favorite companion

BTW the mod is called Gun for Hire by Flashy Joer

all help is appreciated

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I don't remember the exact steps how to properly modify companion AI and the Vertibird quest but if you have FO4Edit, you'll probably need to edit some of these forms:

  - FollowersCompanionVertibirdBoardPackage [PACK:001E48DC]

  - FollowersCompanionVertibirdSnapIntoPackage [PACK:001B2CE1]

  - VFT "Vertibird Fast Travel" [QUST:0005691C] (see the Alias "CompanionVFT")

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