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Resurrect NPC


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Is it possible to resurrect an NPC without restoring its limbs and without playing an animation? So that he would lie dead.
I have a poorly working mod that allows you to get XP for enemies killed by a partner. It is based on resurrection. Maybe some magic will help?

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12 hours ago, 7531Leonidas said:

How about resurrecting them, then going into the console and using 'disable' (for Skyrim) or the equivalent in w/e game you are playing?

I'm working on a mod. I tried your version in papyrus, but the killed enemies behave strangely: they hover in the air, then they dance a freestyle dance. I need a way to resurrect them so that they're dead, but they don't get up, they just lie there. I hope you understand. 
The game is Fallout 4. 

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Hi, Truesonux. I did try your mod yesterday and killed a LOT of ghouls by dropping live grenades in their pockets (I also killed myself half a dozen times doing that *laughs*), but I couldn't figure out if I was getting XP from it. So since it looks like you're still trying to find a model you like I uninstalled the mod for now. I don't know if it was working.

This said, your question got me thinking on the topic.

It sounds like you're having trouble getting normal XP from a kill to be given to the player while outside the normal kill mechanics?

What if you don't try to use the normal XP process. What I mean is, let's say your planting a grenade in a pocket. If it's hard for that to register as a normal kill, what about giving a flat XP bonus for the act itself, not for the kill. What if, for instance, you get a flat 100 XP for placing a live grenade in a pocket instead of XP based on what you're killing. Is that possible, and would that be easier?

The second issue you seem to be trying to do in that same mod is to give XP to the player if a companion kill steals? What if a companion killing someone just gave a flat XP to the player, not related to the XP of the target but just for the act. Is that possible and easier?

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