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  1. That mod scorrp10 linked looks gorgeous. I happen to use this one instead, but I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  2. That's interesting. I don't have a single follower mod installed. Now I'm kind of scared of them *laughs* Thanks for the update!
  3. Mail order is your friend. I also live half an hour from the nearest small city and one and a half hours from the nearest real city. I mail order all my food. I also can't drive (not since 2015).
  4. Karna5


    [The following is what's called doggerel, not poetry, but here it is anyway.] Devil in the basement alone Tortilla shells his dream home He's sad and he's low Needs more but won't go Life's building blocks he believes In the shells where he conceives But he's stuck in the dark Won't venture Won't embark Shopping's too far He's wishing on a star Tortilla dreams fade In the basement he's made Sad devil moans through the night Hunger pangs he can't fight Echoes in the walls Loneliness calls He won't step outside Basement is his only guide Lost in his beliefs Wrapped in tormented grief Shopping's too far He's wishing on a star Tortilla dreams fade In the basement he's made
  5. Clearly I am undead, then, as I very much dislike tortilla shells
  6. You're out of tortilla shells because: a) the universe wants you to be depressed, or b) you can't be bothered to go buy more?
  7. Actually, that might be the only thing which might finally lure me away from NMM. I read the interview with the author of the new mod manager a few months ago, and he struck me as an old style software developer (the kind who understands hex and bits and direct memory addressing and also understands user friendliness). So I'm willing to give his mod manager a shot when it comes out. As long as the new app is blind friendly and doesn't require a significant amount of reading, I'll switch to it.
  8. Do I understand correctly that you're trying to install Skyrim Legendary Edition animations into either Skryim Special Edition or Skyrim Anniversary Edition? I'm pretty sure there are many Skyrim LE animations which simply don't work in the new version. I haven't tried any of the above animations in Skyrim SE/AE so can't speak to whether you're doing anything wrong. However, I do suggest you consider trying combat animations you are sure are made for Skyrim SE/AE. You'll have more success if you try that, and there are many beautiful animations from which to select. Finally, I noticed Nemesis comes with some pretty animations out of the box without installing anything new. So I install Nemesis, picking the animations I like from its installation FOMOD, and then I install whatever animations I like over it. I recommend the Dynamic Out of Combat Animations as last in your load order for weapon stuff because they're beautiful. I think where you may be going wrong is trying to actually install the legacy animations. I don't think you need to do that anymore to get them.
  9. Hi, Alagiz. You also forgot to tell people which three animation mods you installed There's no way anyone can guess what's doing that for you. This said, for animations which affect weapons, I currently use (in this order): Project New Reign - Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Gunslicer Animations All in One OAR at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Dynamic Random Non-Combat Female idle animations OAR at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) I like the out of combat animations from DRNCFIA, so I install that after anything else which touches weapon animations. Also, I remember reading that one of the weapon animations has an option to ignore left hand spells while installing it. Check the animation mods you installed, and see if yours also has an option to ignore left hand weapon and whether you selected it during installation.
  10. I'm very happy for everyone who uses and enjoys Vortex. Likewise I'm very happy for everyone who uses and enjoys MO2. I use and enjoy NMM CE, and for me it's a perfect fit. It's a good thing there are variations of mod managers. It isn't a competition. It's about playing games, not being better than the next person on the internet
  11. Say, DadbodSupreme, something you said just reminded me of a problem I encountered several months ago. I had a solid, stable build with several hundred mods for the longest time, and there were a few mods I always trusted to upgrade because I'd been using them for year(s). One day I noticed I started getting terrible lag, and the "help [item] 4 armo" or "help [idle] 4 idle" type of searches in console either stopped working or were getting sorted strangely and weren't giving me all the answers I expected. I struggled with this for weeks, and then one day I noticed "Sup F4SE" had another update, and when I read the change log, it mentioned it was reverting a search change it had made. The search change when it was initially added was not in the change log, so I had no way of knowing that for several weeks it was Sup F4SE which was causing all these issues for me. I mention this because sometimes you're just not going to find the answer if the issue was introduced by a mod you trust without putting the change into the change log when you upgrade the mod. Sometimes you are doing everything correctly, and sometimes someone sneaks a bomb into your mod list. Likewise, I currently can't play Fallout 4 because some mods I use are not yet updated to the "next gen" patch Fallout 4 introduced a few months ago. So I'm in Skyrim AE currently doing my best to keep the game stable. But some problems are just not in mod write ups and not in any forums I can find through search engines. *Shrugs* That's the life of an extreme modder, I guess. Sometimes things aren't in your control.
  12. Post Script: If you play female character, and if you take CBBE 3BA body with FSMP and CBPC (collision), there's a very confusing installation process asking what type of physics you want. I couldn't find any descriptions of them so did several variations myself to test them out. What I found is that if you select SMP as the physics, you get very little motion, and if you pick CBPC as the physics, you get a lot of motion. I didn't care for the SMP version (I like SMP for collision and the like but not for physics), so I took the all CBPC installation option. I have films that show it, but they're on Nexus Supporter section, and I'm pretty sure I'd get in trouble if I link them here even though they have no nudity. Sorry I can't give examples here, but I just wanted to explain what I found are the differences when you install 3BA (if you install it). P.S. Also with regard to SMP, while I dislike it for breast physics, I love it for skirt physics, earrings, hair and other cool things.
  13. Hi, RedStarr. Most of those things on your list I don't mod in my game so can't make suggestions. I do play as a vampire, but I don't use vampire overhauls because I use the CBBE 3BA body (with 4k BnP skin texture on female character). I also use Race Menu with XP32 Skeleton, though that's a given as it's a requirement for 3BA and Racemenu. I do have adult mods installed which means the Ostim Standalone suite of mods I use have many additional methods to drink blood, but as you're not likely to take that route it's not relevant to you. I do use "Devour - Vampire Feeding Animation for Ostim," though as it's adult as I said it's not relevant to you. I also use Vampire Feed Proxy, but it's linked to the animations. Several years ago I used Better Vampire Lord Transition, but I don't use that now as it does not support 3BA bodies. I do also use SKSE and RaceMenu and a few mods related to SKSE. As I use 3BA and its requirements, and as I have Skyrim AE (not SE), the SMP version I use is: FSMP - Faster HDT-SMP at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Don't use the other version of SMP as it makes SMP not work at all on an AE installation. FYI, I tried True Storms, and while I love that mod in Fallout 4, I hated it in Skyrim SE. The rain is incredibly fake and opaque in Skyrim. I like Darker Nights a lot, however (maximum dark setting). I also installed Darker Dungeons, but I can't really tell whether it actually makes my dungeons darker. I keep it anyway as there are a few dark spots (not many). I plan to eventually do terrain and plant overhauls, but I'm not there yet as the last couple of months I've been tweaking animations and the like basic physis. I use Nemesis rather than FNIS for animation integration. And I use Dynamic Random Female Non-Combat Animations as a cool weapon out idle out of combat. I use KS Hairdos (both the normal version and the SMP version), and I like those. Together they add around 1000+ hair styles. I also use Acheron death alternative together with ODefeat (requires Ostim, not Sexlab), and I like it as it lets me play at much higher difficulty and allows sublethal combat loss rather than having to save and start over. For instance, if you lose a fight and are not using adult animations, you'll spawn somewhere safe rather than actually die. I tried the Prison Alternatives for a while, and they were cool, but they mostly need Sexlabs which I switched away from when I went to Ostim, so Prison Alternatives are pretty fun. Even without it, I like getting captured by guards, sent to prison and having to escape and get my gear back (doesn't require special mods, though Acheron can help make sure the guards don't kill you but just send you to jail). Oh yeah, there are also various Photo Mode mods that people use. The one that seemed the easiest to install and use for me is the one actually called Photo Mode, but many I know here at nexus use other variations instead. Whatever you install, though, make sure to read and reread and triple read all the requirements for each mod. There are a lot of dependencies to get a good and stable build. Finally, don't install more than one or two mods at a time. I mean it. Don't do more. Whenever I install a bunch, even a dozen, I always end up having to uninstall all of them and reinstalling one at a time to figure out which is crashing me or incompatible. Install one or two, and then go in game and test it thoroughly before installing more. And have fun!
  14. Interesting. I wonder which mods are doing that to you. I have a few hundred installed Skyrim AE mods so far, but none of them cause that issue for me. I see you've got a premium account, so if you check image share you could see some film examples of my Skyrim game if you want (linked in the imageshare), but I can't link them here as I suspect this follows general audience rules. I play at 4k resolution all ultra and don't have stutters or image leaks, but I also am not using any terrain mods yet, just animations, Ostim Standalone kinda sutff (maybe 24k animations) and outfits and 4k bodies and hipoly and basic quality of life as well. I'm glad the patch works for you, though. I haven't found a need for it yet p.s. In Fallout 4 I was generally running 370ish plugins at any given time, but I'm too newly back to Skyrim and haven't hit that many yet.
  15. I've never in 10 1/2 thousand hours of Fallout 4 nor 310 hours of Skyrim SE even considered using an engine fix. Do you have these issues without the engine fix? My basic rule is if something needs an engine fix to use it, I don't use it. I'm all in favor of frameworks which enhance and expand the capability of mods (such as F4SE and SKSE), but the game engine itself is not broken. So I don't understand the popularity of engine fixes in Bethesda games. This confusion by me is not directed at DadbodSupreme as I have noted articles by Dark0ne (the owner of Nexus Mods himself) supporting Engine fixes and patches for Bethesda games. But I just don't get it. I don't use the fixes and don't have such issues. It's just not broken unless a mod breaks it.
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