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Kid stuff bug


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Oh my God! 😆
My brain is broken. It's started again. This is some kind of damn thing. 😆

My previous hypothesis turned out to be wrong. I've wasted so much time. I do not know what breaks the quest with the parents.

The only thing that helped was the console command: tdetect.

Wait until the members of the Constellation calm down, talk to your parents and take Sir Livingston's Pistol.


I wonder if this happens wherever parents show up?🥶 👣

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If you call MoveTo on one the parents to teleport them out to the city (I'd try both New Atlantis and Akila City) and non of the citizens and security NPCs there turn hostile then I think it should be fine.. but I've never had this issue on any playthroughs so it might be a mod issue.. in which case it's hard to tell whether it changes something later.

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