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Hello -- Newbie again :)


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It's always weird starting to become active in a new community. I have been gaming and lightly messing around with mods for over 20 years lol. I'd like to get into dialogue modding for English translations. If anyone has tips or contact referrals, it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't gotten back into discord yet. I am enthralled at how the original game can change so much depending on the mods you can use and learning which ones work together to create a world of your own choices and making! I love virtual worlds because of that but they have been tainted too much with the "Dark side" 🙂  of late.  I've been playing Stardew Valley for about 6 months now and like I said, I'm enthralled. I have done modding before but I'm reacquainting myself with all of it and the newness of these tools. I love writing and editing so dialogue fascinates me. And I'm on leave from work due to a back injury so lots of time sitting in the same position!

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