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Vanilla + Mod List?


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Hello all,

Oblivion was the first Elder Scrolls game I played as a kid on the Xbox360. I want to go back and play it again because I never did the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, or the Knights of the Nine DLC. But I've also fallen into the trap of being a graphics snob nowadays. Is there any mod lists anywhere or could you point me to some that would make the game basically Vanilla+ please? Like I want to play the game completely as it was intended to be played all those years ago but just with some graphics updates from mods.

I know I'll need the script extender, the Unofficial Patch, and yes, I'll probably run a mod that fixes the trash leveling system so it gives a constant +5 to all stats on level up. Other than that, I'd like a list of just graphical enhancements if possible. The less mods the better as well. As in, if there are just a few that would fix like textures, and one for graphics upgrades, then I just run the other game fix mods, that would be perfect. Maybe one for faces to fix the doughy faces too. Lol.

Thank you for reading and replying.

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