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Rebuilding kaer morhen - starting over with an ethical policies

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Lore, the early attack on kaer morhen and other witcher schools nearly wiped the witchers. Then again, some of the witcher schools were involved in some nasty stuff. The recruiting of very young boys was using highly unethical policies. IMHO, the attack on all witcher schools wasn't all anti-mutant madness. That nasty stuff made the hate a lot worse.


The lore isn't specific about adults going through the trial of the grasses. IMHO, adults might have a much higher survival rate. Full disclosure about the insane risks your taking.

This time around, recruiting only adults after an age. What minimum age?  I'll let the other hard core fans answer that.

Screening out those who do so because they have no choice. Doing so for other no so good reasons. The author of the books might be best on this issue.

Something to think about...   For you fans of the "The Witcher" games. 😀



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