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Ammo display bug


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I was hoping someone could help me out with this, it seems the ammo display on the actual weapon, is no longer displaying properly (see attached image).

This seems to be happening on most weapons, I have checked EON, Grendel, Beowulf,  Drum Beat, all similar with the reload icon flashing ⚠️ on the magazine, even though I have the correct ammo and the weapon is reloaded, also the magazine/total ammo count is messed up. (see attached image)

My Load Order:


# This file was automatically generated by Vortex. Do not edit this file.
*More Piercings.esm
*MONSTERaider - Weightless Items.esm
*Better Food and Chems.esm
*Perk Up - Combined.esm
*Sit To Add Ship.esm
*Starfield Extended - Armor & Clothing Crafting.esm
*Starfield Extended - Craftable Quality.esm
*MONSTERaider - Legendary Clothing.esm
*ClothMod  SE Patch.esm

The only real thing I have that touches weapons are weapon textures, and the Lowered weapons in 1st/3rd person mod.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks 🙂


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the reply, I did try removing all the weapon textures, it was still the same, not sure if just removing them once they have been applied would fix this, but it didn't seem to.

Also on the mod page, the counter shows as working with the new texture applied Grendel - Beowulf - Hard Target - Black and Gray Retexture,  you can clearly see the ammo count working on the Grendel.

Also using this mod Colourless Magazine Cover for Retextured Beowulf over the top, that also shows the ammo count working.

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Yeah, I spent ages googling it, couldn't find anything either, hence my last resort here, hoping one of the more experienced modders may have had an inkling to what could cause this. 

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Posted (edited)

it is defiantly not working on any CombaTech weapons, I am not sure what other weapons has the visual ammo count display on the actual weapon.

I have been going around the stores, buying different weapons to see if any has the display, only seems to be the Combatech ones and the display is messed up on all of those I have found,  the Eon, Shotty, Grendel, Beowulf, Solstice, and Drum Beat, do not work, Hard Target I have not come across as of yet, guessing I am too low level and Equinox, Kodama doesn't seem have a ammo display.

Allied Arms doesn't seem to have a display on the weapon or at least none I have found, and same for the Laredo weapons.


EDIT: just found the Novalight, it has a display and that is not working properly too, so I think it is safe to say this is happening with all weapons, I have no texture replacers for the novalight too btw.

EDIT2: Also found a sidestar and Urban Eagle has displays, neither working.

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Posted (edited)

You are amazing my friend, I didn't even think of Starfield Extended - Craftable Quality.esm as I only installed it for the armour, not the weapons.

There is a post in the bug section, with exactly my issue and the author replied: 


This is addressed in the description. I'll be able to fix it when the xEdit team finishing decoding REFL data so that the entry containing it in the Weapon records can be copied. That entry is for the ammo counters.

This was from last October and has a fix in the download section I have completely missed.

Thank you very much for the patience and support, it is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: On another note, I will try to read the descriptions more carefully when installing mods from now on, so that I don't have to waste peoples time with issues as this. Thank you once again.

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