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Information assistance in turning all the game crystals from opaque to semi-transparent.


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I'm looking for information on being able to turn the crystals you find on random planets and moons from the crayon look opaque to semi-transparent to try to make them look like actual crystals.

Using Photoshop, I've retextured all the _color files with a 25% transparency. I'm not sure if I need to do this with the _ao, _normal, _rough, _emissive, _transmissive and/or _metal .dds textures as well. Not an issue, I just need to know if I should do it as well.

Using Visual Code Studio, I've made new .mat files and renamed the proper lines to find the new textures I've redone, though if the textures I haven't altered need to be done as well, I'll have to add those names.

Using Nifskope, I've redirected all the crystal meshes BSLightingShaderProperty to the new .mat files and added a NiAlphaProperty to each BSGeometry --- Here's where I'm having issues, I know there are further steps to turn them double sided, but all the tutorials are for older Bethesda games that use a different format than Starfield and I've been unable to find what I need to do next.

If anyone has any information or even random suggestions as to how to proceed, I'd be grateful. --- I am following this if anyone has any ideas.


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