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High Poly Head

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I was trying to download mod called Vlad, and one of the master mod is to download High Poly Head 1.4 when i clicked on it it takes me to Vectorplexus, i try to sign in

to that site, because i have Nortons safe web search, Nortons blocked me and a warning dangerous site, so if i cannot access that site then i cannot use mods that

improve NPCs, so why does mods like High Poly head and High Poly Head 1.4 has to be from a very dangerous off site.

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VectorPlexus isn't a dangerous site at all. This is just Norton being overprotective.

Is there some way to temporarily disable that "Nortons safe web search" stuff? If so, I'd do that, then try again.

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Go to the Skyrim (SE) Game Community, and search for it on that forum.  Several people have posted mirrors of the file at various locations.  I could not get VectorPlexus to accept my e-mail address, so could not join there to d/l.

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