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I have an exciting and unique idea for a mod inspired by revisiting the first Ice Age movie and exploring the ice caves of Skyrim. Here's the concept: a mod that introduces steep ice tunnel slides to existing ice dungeons or incorporates them into new dungeon designs.

Players would have the opportunity to navigate these ice tunnels by interacting with them, triggering a fast and thrilling animation of sliding down narrow ice passages. Additionally, these slides could serve as convenient shortcuts, allowing players to swiftly return to the dungeon entrance once they've completed their exploration.

While I lack the expertise to create mods myself, I'm curious about the feasibility of realizing this idea. I recently came across the Animated Trevesol Framework mod, which enables player characters to navigate through tight spaces in dungeons. I wonder if a similar approach could be employed to develop this ice tunnel mod.

I'm excited about the potential of this concept and hope it garners interest from skilled modders who could bring it to life in the Skyrim modding community. Thank you for considering my idea!


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