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Looking For Information on Using Starfield Creation Kit

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I am well acquainted with Skyrim Creation Kit and have made some unpublished followers, typically for personal use. I downloaded the latest Starfield update and the Creation Kit for it. It has some resemblance to the SCK but that's where it ends. It runs even though it crashed the first time, it shows hints of Bethesda's tradition of dirty master files, and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of documentation, let alone video making sense of it. Has anyone found anything useful with which to get started on it? And yes, I am aware it's the first night this is available.

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You could try the Starfield forums here, under Game Communities at the top of any forum page (or in the menu on mobile).  It looks like not much has been posted there about it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if more is soon.  Pickysaurus even preemptively started a thread about it back in April, for people to add to once the Starfield CK finally dropped.

(I don't play Starfield though; I just learned this by browsing over there myself a minute ago.)

I wouldn't be surprised to see a news post about it on the main Nexus site soon either, though there isn't one yet.

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