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I'm trying to get yy mystic night and immersive animations too play together. I've installed immersive animations dual daggers on back and swords on hip (although that will get overwritten), main and sneak, the sneak stab and the jump slash power attack thing as well as all the other dual weapons (mace,axe etc.). I then installed yy mystic knight and set that to load after immersive animations in Mod Organizer. With YY I want the magic and the single sword animations as the sheath animation is ridiculously cool! But whenever I draw a left handed sword it just appears in my hand and the same happens with staffs. I've not tested shields or dual daggers on back although I think daggers work as intended. I'm using xp32 and equipping overhaul.


So, basically what has me stuck is it seems for some reason you can't get animations for just the left hand? It needs to be dual or the right hand? And I get the impression that this is also the case for staffs, I assume because they were not visible in vanilla so they never had the separate off hand/staff animations? Is this a limitation that can't be fixed? I would have thought Dual Sheath Redux and the likes would solve this entirely.


I also have female animation packs (loaded first so lowest priority just for anything that may be missed), yy jump and yy zweihander which work and have no issues. So will I just have to loose the sword animation from yy mystic knight and have the dual one from immersive animations? It won't be a massive loss I suppose because I'll get the swords on back instead. But then would that work with equipping overhaul's geared up feature? I don't know if they have to be on the hip for that. Sorry, I know there's lots of questions that are similar but nothing I've found has been specific enough or I've missed something.

Also If anyone knows, would I be able to start a game with Dual Sheath Redux then switch to equipping overhaul when it's stable without starting yet again because atm dropped stuff floats and I use a pad so not everything works properly yet?


So, yeah. I'm lost. Any help would be brilliant.


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Ok, so I've found out I can (quite easily by the sounds of it) switch from dsr to eo when the stable version comes out but I'm gonna switch to the previous version as he's practically scrapping the alpha and I just found out that the older version has the geared up feature also. Still can't find anything relating animations to the two mods except someone on another forum said it was a pain to get it all set up right, which isn't really helpful. Still not got anywhere with the animations though. So could someone try and explain it to me? it's basically animations with left hand weapons and staffs that I don't understand and wether or not I can have seperate draw sheath animations for dual wielding and having say one weapon and magic.


To summise (my post was pretty long, sorry) I wan't to set it up so that I have the animations from YY Mystic Knight when I use magic and/or when I use a single weapon i.e. staff, sword or dagger and magic in the other hand and then have the dual weapon and off hand animations from immersive animations. I also want animations for drawing/sheathing a staff. So is it possible to set it up this way and how do I do it. And also, can I have swords etc. on my back and the animations to match with the geared up feature of Equipping Overhaul (which is essentially Armed to the Teeth)?



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hey ! this is a two years old unanswered post but i just want to answer it for somebody else whos having the same problem.


but first i just wanna say that i didnt read all of your message , its 4 am in my place already and im too lazy to do so


so anyway... i was also having problem with getting yyanim replacer mystic knight and dual sheath redux together. ( the one hand anim from mystic knight looks really cool and i want it to work with a shield on back and dagger on hip, soo... i also went into an antagonizing problem solving for these mods to work together perfectly.)


so what i did was , i installed them in this order


ragdolls and force > fnis > xpsme > dual sheath > yy anim > fnis and dsr patch.

if you have the immersive animation dont use it , i believe it breakes the skeleton files of xpsme and causes your left hand equipment to go below foot


well i hope this helps and i recalled it right. its 4 in the damn morning so im off


(ps. forgive my english , im not a native speaker :tongue:)

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