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Emperor Armour


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Hi Modders


I had a request for a armour mod, Elder scrolls Online was released recently, i was browsing through the armour on the internet till i saw one beauty on a armour. It's the armour that is giving to you once you gain emperor status. The a beatifull high detailed armour and i think its possible to re-make this in skyrim ( I'm not sure, i'm not a talented modder as you guys) I ll drop a screenshot below, maybe someone will take the effort to make this armour in skyrim. Would be really awesome!!


Thank you all for your attention.

Kind Regards









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I think this is ugly: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46672/?

A true emperor should wear that armor what was posted in the first place in this topic.

i wonder why there isn't out yet one.

i have cheked almost every existing armor mods for skyrim and sorry to say this, but most of them are so poorly designed, that even my 6 years old child could do waaay beter besinged armors with fantasy then most of it on the nexus.

Sorry moders.


Zero fantasy, zero quality. And not even close by the true meaning of the emperors armor.

Untill some one is not dedicate them self to make the ESO one emperor sett the rest of the mods will be usless in my eyes.

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