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Thieves Guild - The Legendary Fox Hunt


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Hey Guys,


After some heavy thought and much debate i have decided to write a quest line for the Thieves guild after the events of Mercer Frey.


This Quest is to take part after being contacted by a man in solitude leading the PC on a epic throughout Skyrim and maybe even Solstheim to find the final resting place (or believed to be resting place) of the Grey Fox.

The PC is sent on this quest while also being hunted and pursued by a fanatic cult of the Grey Fox lead by a Noble in Windhelm. As you get nearer to the truth everything will begin to seem more wrong until you are on your own, and the guild has burned to your feet. To become the greatest Thief you must find the secrets that have plagued the guild for so long, and only then will the Guild become great.


I am no Experienced modder and cannot even make a simple dungeon but if anyone is out there that will be willing to help me make this become a mod i will be happy to lend my services as the story writer :)


Thank you, Astral



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This is a great idea, I always hated how karliah says I hope this is a beginning of things and not and end, but it's scripted to give you stupid radiant quests from delvin or vex afterwards and they don't even treat you with the respect you deserve as guildmaster, either way that'd be a great addition
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I was just contemplating this idea this evening. An interesting post-guild master quest line would be to have a series of grand heists to pull off & adds some interesting and quirky NPCs that join once the guild has been fully restored. Looking over the Nexus site, one inspiration is Dark Brotherhood Resurrection mod--which is amazingly fun & totally off-beat. I'm not in the least talented enough with the creation kit (nor do I have the time required for it) to pull this off, but I can sketch an idea for some one who is.


Here are some thoughts for a TG quest, post-dragonborn guildmaster.

(0.) There is a mod on Nexus that adds the Nocturnal/Grey Fox Hood...looks really interesting.


(1.) New NPCs show up who are potential followers and give quests. One of the NPC is sort of like a Delvin character in that he (or she) seems to have connections with possible new heist targets.


(2.) New heists: rather than making a series of new dungeons with a bunch hard to kill bosses that anyone that can swing a sword can wade through, make it so that you really have to put your brain and thief skills to the test in order to solve. For example, the NPC with connections learns of some new object that someone wants stolen. But in order to get to it, you can't simply waltz up and pickpocket your target or crack some safe. You have to figure out a heist...think Ocean's 11.


(3) Another twist is that one of the new NPCs is really a mole sent by the Empire or someone to infiltrate the TG and arrest its top command. You get sent on a series of heist quests, which appear to be radiant to build your trust, but one's really a trap and you either escape or you get hauled in to some max-security prison you have to try to break out of.

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Hi Guys!


thanks for the feedback and the ideas for the Mod. i'm grateful that so many people like this idea and i have also written the mod story line to go with this quest however i have no skills what so ever with mod maker so unfortunately i can not make the mod on my own. this is why i need help! any help is much appreciated.


Thanks again, Astral

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