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Laptop shopping, help me choose my perfect new bby

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Hi people of the Nexus realm,


I'm moving to the UK in a few months and I need a laptop before a do. It'll need to hold for at least 5 years, and it'll have to run newer games fine. Not uber epic with Super Sampling and 8 samples of AA and Tesselation, just fine with nice high-ish settings. Also in-gameFPS wise, I'd prefer something closer to 60 obviously, but I am totally fine with 30 and I'd gladly lower some settings to get more fps.


So I've mostly been looking at Asus because they have a nice gaming series of laptops, I'll be getting them in Bulgaria so that's why the websites are in cyrillic.


The most expensive one I've been eyeing is the G750JS http://www.pcstore.bg/bg/laptop-ultrabook/laptopi/laptop-asus-g750js-t4046d.html

1322€, that's probably the maximum that I could even go, I'm not sure if my budget will allow that much.


The middle baby and my favorite is the G550JK http://www.pcstore.bg/bg/laptop-ultrabook/laptopi/laptop-asus-g550jk-cn268d.html

It's about 1000€ so a lot less than the one above, still has great specs, a 4Gb GTX 850M, 12Gb of RAM instead of the 750's 8Gb and it's a bit more compact, not that that's a big factor but since I'll carry it to lectures it may be better than the 17 incher. I'm kinda thinking of going for this.


And lastly the G56JR http://www.technomarket.bg/products/09136591/asus-g56jr-cn142d

971€ But I think that it's also quite a bit weaker.



There's also the Lenovo Y510P which has SLI GTX755M's but I'm not sure. The SLI is putting me off, I'm scared that most games wont like the SLI.


So yeah my budget would be about between the G550JK and maximum the G750JS. Can you guys give some recommendations, maybe even other models or other manufacturers? I'd appreciate it a ton if someone would reply to this since this is big money I'm talking about, and the lappy needs to hold for a few years.


(Also note I have 0 experience with laptop hardware so feel free to correct me or something. I only ever built desktop PC's and I only know desktop hardware, I'm mostly speaking about the GPU here. )

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