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Belts - why has no 3D modeler done this?


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I have quite a few mods that include belts- mostly the UNP mashup type (because I'll admit it, I like to dress up my girlies).

Princess of the Woods, Eldrid's, and Brokefoot's Mashups have belts as well as decorative daggers and various straps and armlets. I am sure there are more.

Like Reyzark said, the main issue is clipping. Unless designed to work with a specific armor, an independent belt is probably going to clip deeply, or stick out from the body.

Well, obviously, yeah, there can be clipping issues, but not anything that would bother me too much, really.


I use the belts in Aesir armor with all kinds of different armors, and they don't clip much if at all with most armors.


Also, doing it in such a way as to avoid clipping is possible. Ie, make armor pieces out of the belts in witcher models to use specifically with the witcher armor models mods. (Skyrim Witcher Experience Enhanced does this with Geralt's sword girdle and it works great.)


Also, if you have belts that work with vanilla bodies, that would be AWESOME.

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