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X-com Zombie Apocalypse


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So, I'm probably going to get some hate for this and I'm sure I'm not the first to propose such an idea but ...


Pretty much my idea was more a complete overhaul, replace Panic with a kind of "Infection" aspect, slowly lowering it by doing missions.


Ontop of that, soldiers would start pretty much completely ungeared so they would be geared a lot like the Operative you send in during Exalt missions, just with basic rifles/shotguns as well.


You also wouldnt be able to hire soldiers, they would be given as rewards for missions, kind of as finding survivors. It would be much the same with cash (Or whatever resource you could change that to), since I doubt countries that are pretty much gone would be giving you much.


Since zombies would likely be the only enemies in this, there would have to be a variety of them. Walkers, runners, spitters (Kinda like Thinmen), juggernauts (Muton Beserker), etc.


I have some other ideas in mind, but wanted to throw the concept and a few ideas down to see if anyone actually likes the idea.


If no ones willing to do this, and even if they were. I'd like to add the question of where can I learn to actually start modding files? I downloaded the Xcom Mod Builder from Nexus and upon creating a mod and going to edit it ... I had no idea what I was looking at, and everything seems to be created for people who have some sense of what they're doing. Finding a good guide for a newbie to modding is more difficult than I suspected at first.


Thanks for reading, and I hope to see this thread become active and something to come of this.

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What about a scaled back version of the Zombie idea?


Is it difficult to alter which aliens are chosen for each mission?


I use the mods that let you adjust pod sizes and number of aliens etc, if these things can be altered how about the actual alien units

involved in the missions. My thought was make the missions only consist of zombie units (and ramp the numbers up of course) and maybe Crysies to make it nasty. The command aliens would have to be left in so the storyline could move forward of course but otherwise cram a ton of zombies in the missions.


If this type of alteration is simple enough then perhaps a patchUI script that allows the user to alter the alien selections as they see fit. For anyone that has played thru Xenonauts the alien plan at the end to just drop a crapload of Crysallids and mop up after could be a crazy fun option as well.


I did try messing with the ini files to see if there was a way to accomplish something like this and it didn't really work out but for a good laugh edit the gamedata.ini file by changing this line:




to this



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