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helping the guards out mod


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i have an idea for a mod and no skill at all to make it.


we have all heard guards make those comments about the weapons or armor. well when one admires my dragon bone heavy armor or asks me to enchant his old sword, i suddenly thought 'why shouldnt i?'.

after all i am swimming in gold and i have so many dragon bones and scales in my storage chests the houses probably are sinking under the weight into the ground (which could be bad news for Solitude...)

also, enchanting i am not quite at 100 and so any extra i get to do would be great for levelling.


so my mod would give dialog options for when a guard makes a comment, allowing you the option to offer to enchant their sword OR make them some armor item out of dragon materials. all the guard needs to do in response is say what enchantment or what the item should be (weapon or shield, light or heavy armor and also whether enchant existing sword or axe or smith and improve one out of requested material.)


you as player could set a price (bearing in mind guards wont have a lot of money) for your time and throw the materials in for free (its all good training!) OR just do it all for free. the free option would gain you more respect with the guards and in the event of dragon attack or other fight, make them more willing to aid you (they are anyway, but still). plus, they might live a bit longer because better equipment.


who knows? maybe the jarl will request you make them an item after seeing the guard with it. so maybe there could be a new quest or even storyline out of this mod...perhaps he will ask for a number of armors or shields with fire resist enchantments to equip the whole of his guard!


anyway thats my idea thrown out for someone to use if they want. if you do make it it would be nice to be mentioned for the idea but YOUR name should be on the mod since the idea is ALL i could contribute. if anyone thinks its a good idea i mean.

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And soon Eorlund Gray-mane will be history as the best smith in Skyrim.


A whole quest line like a guild quest line. You start with the guards and then the Jarl of the hold from which the guards hail asks for an item. Afterwards the courier will bring you requests for smithing enchanting from different persons across Skyrim . - That way there won´t be too much unspoken dialogue.


The price should be fixed, never saw a mod where one could choose a price, but the price should be influenced by the perks of the speech skill tree and the skill in smithing and enchanting as well as the item requested.


After finishing the item you would either have to deliver it or the courier will visit you again and deliver the item for you and gives you the money.

That would also be an immersive way to earn some extra money at the beginning of the game.


Sadly just my two cents to your idea.

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im no modder but i looked up if there was a mod that did this and the only reason is i just got my dragon scale armour and the first thing i heard was a guard sayin is that armour made of dragons gods what i would give to get a set of those and i literally was like sure i have way to many bones and scales i only just got smithing 100 embarissing for a level 61 but i was like yknow what okay so im searchin for a mod that allows that and then ill look for how to convert it to be able to be used for ps3 so please someone make this it will be cool

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