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Ayleid Ruins - Varla Stones


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Some of you don't use Varla Stones (VS) others will so I list places to get them. The list is complete in so far as ruins are concerned (55 stones). There is one other in Chorrol Castle. I have not included the Hall of Epochs as it is not the same kind of site but there are no Varla stones there anyway.


Welkynd stones (WS) are found in most sites and are always freely available, although you often need to use remote manipulation or to knock them down with an arrow. The number of Welkynd stones in eash ruin is also shown. Some Varla stones are freely accessible, others are not. I have included info on how to get those stones below. Please note the buttons are not the total of buttons in the ruin, only those that need to be activated to reach the Varla Stones.


You should be aware that whereas contents of chests etc respawn, Varla and Welkynd stones do not.


The following ruins are locked until you have the relevant quest - Anga, Nenyond Twyll, Silorn, Vahtacen

The following have locked sections until you have the quest - Lindai, Malada, Nenalata

The following can be visited but you need to return to complete quests - Atatar, Sedor, Telepe

All others are freely accessible and any quest items can be picked up.



Abagarlas - 0 VS - 0 WS

Anga - Daedric Quest site (cannot be entered unless you have the quest) - 0 VS - 0 WS

Anutwyll - 1 VS - 3 WS

Arpenia - Fighters Guild Quest site (but accessible any time) -0 VS - 0 WS

Atatar - Fighters Guild Quest site (Azani Blackheart only appears with the quest) - 3 VS - two buttons - one in another part of the ruin - 1 WS

Bawn - 1 VS - need to use a button - 17 WS

Belda - 1 VS - button - 26 WS

Beldaburo - 1 VS - 27 WS

Ceyatatar - the ruin also has a back way in - 0 VS - 5 WS

Culotte - Ayleid statue - 0 VS - 0 WS

Elenglynn - 0 VS - 12 WS

Fanacas - Ayleid statue - 0 VS - 0 WS

Fanacasecul - 0 VS - 10 WS

Garlas Agea - 0 VS - 4 WS

Hame - 1 VS - 25 WS

Hrotanda Vale - 2 VS - 26 WS

Kemen - 2 VS - button - 5 WS

Lindai - Miscellaneous Quest site - Ayleid Helm - central section not accessible if not on the quest - 2 VS - 2 buttons one in the ceiling - 15 WS

Lipsand Tarn - 1 VS - button needed to raise steps to reach it - 19 WS

Mackamentain - Ayleid statue - 4 VS- 2 buttons - 5 WS

Malada - Miscellaneous Quest site - central section not accessible unless on the quest - 1 VS - 6 WS

Miscarcand - Main Quest site (if you enter you can get the main quest item at any time) - 1 VS - Button - 18 WS

Morahame - 0 VS - 8 WS

Moranda - Ayleid statue - 2 VS in separate sections of the ruin - 1 button, 1 pressure plate- 16 WS

Nagastani - 1 VS - 21 WS

Narfinsel - 0 VS - 12 WS

Nenalata - Miscellaneous Quest site - centre section not accessible unless on the quest - 2 VS - 10 WS

Nenyond Twyll - Mages Guild Quest site not accessible unless on the quest - 2 VS - 2 buttons underwater- 0 WS

Ninendava - Ayleid Statue - 0 VS - 0 WS

Niryastare - 1 VS - 4 WS

Nonungalo - 0 VS - 19 WS

Nornal - Dark Brotherhood Quest site (but no need to explore ruins) - 3 VS - 2 buttons - 14 WS

Nornalhorst - 2 VS - 34 WS

Ondo - 1 VS - 22 WS

Piukanda - 2 VS - 39 WS

Rielle - 0 VS - 16 WS

Sardaval Leed - 2 VS - need remote manipulation and probably restore health or healing potions - 12 WS

Sedor - Fighters Guild Quest site (accessible but quest item only appears with the quest) - 0 VS - 4 WS

Sercen - 0 VS - 10 WS

Silorn - Mages Guild Quest site not accessible unless on the quest - 3 VS - in two places - one needs a button- 8 WS

Talwinque - 1 VS - 10 WS

Telepe - Miscellaneous Quest site (Black Brugo and gang appears only with quest) - 0 VS - 1 WS

Trumbe - 0 VS - 12 WS

Vahtacen - Mages Guild Quest site not accessible unless on the quest - 0 VS- 0 WS

Varondo - 2 VS - 2 buttons - 29 WS

Veyond - 3 VS - 2 WS

Vilverin - Ayleid statue - 1 VS - button- 20 WS

Vindasel - Daedric Quest site (Umbra apparently does not attack so you can leave her until you get the quest) - 0 VS - 9 WS

Welke - Ayleid statue - 1 VS - needs remote manipulation - 7 WS

Wendelbek- Ayleid statue - 3 VS - in two places - buttons and pressure plates raise stairs - 58 WS

Wendir- Ayleid statue - 0 VS - 25 WS

Wenyandawik - Ayleid statue - 2 VS - 2 buttons- 24 WS


Proberty Wagstaff's Guide to Visiting Ayleid Ruins


Hello there.


I have been a great fan of Ayleid history and culture ever since I found I could trace my family tree back to the city of Miscarcand. I have studied all the surface ruins and the two hidden in caves. Sadly I have not been able to visit the Hall of Epochs as that is too well guarded. I expect a thief might find a way in but I am sure you, like me, will be looking only at the 52 listed above. With all the time I have spent on them and considering my ancestry, I believe I am the person to advise you of their wonders.


The Ayleids had a great deal of magic that continues to last even though their society has long gone. The first thing you will notice is that despite being underground, they are ablaze with magical lighting effects. This is useful as it means you do not need to clutter yourself with torches and spell scrolls of light. An excellent example is Anga, though you'll need to ask Namira to let you in.


The main purpose for visiting the ruins today is to marvel at the beauties of the architecture. In this the brilliant lighting helps, illuminating as it does every corner and niche. What will undoubtedly amaze you is how very different they all are. It is hard to believe one society could be so imaginative in their designs.


Before I go on, let me dispel one popular misconception. The ruins are all completely empty and freely accessible. Suggestions that they may contain rats and mudcrabs are ludicrous. How would these beasts open the doors to get in? What could they live on? Occasionally you may find hostile creatures and humans in the external grounds of these ruins but the effective Ayleid magic keeps them out. The same is true of those pesky mythical beings and the ghastly undead that plague so many of the ruined forts in this land. No, inside an Ayleid ruin you will never need weapons, offensive spells or potions.


And this is as well, because you will need to keep your packs light. The Ayleids were a very generous people. Scattered throughout all of their cities you will find containers, going under a variety of names - casks, chests, reliquaries etc. The names of the containers appear to be interchangeable so no doubt were the result of the whims of the rulers. Whatever the name they all have the same purpose - to hold gifts for visitors. They refill magically and so are still useable today. They are always open, just lift the lid. Lock picks are another unnecessary item with which to burden yourself when you set out to investigate these incredible places.


I must again mention the lights. Well, they are miraculous really. You will notice a variety of colours. Those that are white (known as Varla stones) and blue (Welkynd stones) are what impart the special atmosphere to the place. They are loose but please do not take them as it would destroy the ambience utterly. They obviously have no use or value except as lights. They would otherwide have been looted long since. So let them be. You might be lucky enough to come across a red Varla stone. These actually still pulsate. Give them your close attention, the effect is simply stunning.


Hmm! The reference to looting reminds me that sadly all of these ruins have been sacked totally. You will find nothing of value outside the gift caskets. Odds and ends of Ayleid armour are still discovered from time to time on out of the way ledges but they are worthless. No. Ayleid ruins are places where you marvel and gape, not places where you can hope to make money from relics.


A few of the ruins have flooded in places. You need not worry about this. There is never anything to be found under water.


Another popular mistake I would like to correct is that these places are full of tricks and traps. People lived in them. They would not build cities where they were having to worry about such things night and day, especially as they enjoyed getting very drunk on ceremonial occasions. Such traps would no doubt have culled the entire population had they existed. Put such nonsenses out of your head.


There is however one risk I should mention. The ruins are old and the masonry weathers and crumbles over time. This will be obvious to you whichever ruin you enter. I would recommend you are careful on raised walkways as a collapse could pitch you into an area with no easy exit.


In spite of their age, much of the architectural detail remains unharmed and merits close analysis.


One of the first things you should examine is the floor, which has a number of interesting features.


I have already mentioned the Ayleid habit of getting very intoxicated. Because this could lead to a great deal of spillage of wine and ale and leakages of less pleasant kinds, the area used for revelry always had rows of holes drilled into the floor. The leaked fluids ran into the holes reducing the risk of slipping (and being overcome by the smell). Stand above looking down at them and you'll see the point.


Other parts of the floor were painted red. As in other societies, red was a colour of welcome. Although the paint is wearing away you can still get a sense of your spirits being raised if you stand there. The force of the Ayleid welcome might yet surprise you.


In a few very wealthy cities there was another feature. All Ayleids were concerned with covering the awkward smells that arose from living close packed and underground in an era when hygiene was rudimentary. They were obsessed with perfume and vents releasing these fragrant odours are common in most ruins. Some still work today and the aromas are overwheming. But the features to which I refer had a special purpose. The walls surround an indented area in the centre of which is a grating. The wealthy would use these as emergency perfume baths. Stepping into the centre would raise the walls and release the most exotic of fragrances. The individual was protected from the eyes of others and so could wallow naked at leisure, dressing and returning to the side of the 'room' to get the walls to lower again. Ingenious! Try it. I suspect few still work but if any do the sensation will carry you to realms you never dreamed of.


The ceilings are less varied. In some of the vaulted passageways there are clefts in the vaulting. I have never been able to ascertain what these were for. Perhaps they held banners in the old days. Maybe you will work out their use? Gaze up into them for me and if anything strikes you, please let me know.


To conclude for the moment I must just mention the walkways again. They certainly warrant attention, though do remember my warning about the crumbling masonry. When the cities were vibrant with life these walkways were hung with multicoloured flags and banners. The fabrics have rotted but the mounts remain. I have to say they are not very attractive to look at. But as you stroll beneath, try to imagine them as they were, a slice of history.


In addition to the flags two or three walkways were embellished with decorated metal grilles of great complexity. They deserve very close scruitiny. They are masterpieces of penetrative detail.


Well, that is all for the moment. I hope this will encourage you to visit them. Just take yourself and an empty pack (and of course protection for the journey to get there). Once inside enjoy the quiet and the emptiness and let my few words help you make the journey a once in a lifetime experience.

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Thank you for listing all of the Ayleid Ruin. I'm sorry to say, that I'm having a problem with Lipsand Tarn. You seemed to place hints within your statement.


Sorry, that I'm not to smart to get it. Can you tell me where I may go to get more answeres in solving Lipsand Tarn?

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No way to ask this without seeming like a moron, but what exactly would I use them for?

Besides decorating your house with it or selling them, you can use a Varla Stone to fully recharge every enchanted weapon in your inventory. After using the Varla Stone it disappears. Welkynd Stones fully restore your magicka.

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