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Skyrim crashes because of d3d9.dll please help


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Okay so 2 days ago i installed an enb (project ENB). At first i had a problem, it crashed because "d3d9X(...).dll" was not found in my computer..and if i was to remove the d3d9.dll file the gaem would work. I then installed direct x on my computer ( i just reinstalled wndows 3 days ago). After that it worked just fine...for a day. Yesterday moring i played skyrim and it ran just fine. Then windows wanted a reboot for a update ( i don t know what it was..my mistake, not reading the update.) so my computer rebooted. after that skyrim woudl crash before the bethesda logo. ("Skyrim stopped working"). If i remove the d3d9.dll file from the skyrim directory my game will work, but of course it looks weird.

My direct x is up to date and my AMD Catalyst is up to date too :D


I have directx11 on my computer now. i don t know what to say..here s a picture of the game before it started crashing


thank you in advace

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