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I finished Voyage of the Dawn Treader and am now reading The Silver Chair. The 6th book in the Chronicles of Narnia.


I must say, C.S Lewis' writing gets better and better as the series progresses, there are lots of dark moments in his books, some truly frightening ones as well. Even for a horror fantatic like me and I just love fantasy and horror combined.


Also, while it is a kids book, he is not shy about the subject of death and many a seeminingly notable or innocent character have met an untimely and depressing end.

The Narnia books are on my list to read after seeing the movie last year. I read C.S. Lewis adult fantasy trilogy Out of the Silent Planet/Perelandra/That Hideous Strength many years ago and enjoyed those. Probably worth looking into if you have enjoyed Narnia.


J. G. Ballard is an excellent , albeit often rather strange, writer in general although I haven't read Empire of the Sun but did thoroughly enjoy the movie. Another book on my to be read list. Also, seeing the movie may provide some insight into why many of Ballard's books are rather strange.


Good grief! What was with my spelling/grammar in that post of mine you quoted? I must have been multitasking. Thanks for the tip, after reading The Chronicles, I will definitely keep an eye out for that trilogy. It will be interesting to see how his writing style differs for an adult audience.

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I've just polished off Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton, and I have to say it was one of the most satisfying reads I've had in many years. The characters are wonderfully solid and thought-out, and the storyline is perfectly paced. I thought at the start that it was a bit jarring to have so many minor characters introduced, but about half-way/two-thirds of the way through everything suddenly clicks and you understand why he didn't wait to introduce them. Some sections which focus on a single subject, for instance the explanation of the "main" aliens in the book, are exceptional in bringing comprehension swiftly to the reader. I would heartily recommend it to anyone and everyone, even if they aren't sci-fi fans. Now, if only my library stocked the sequel Judas Unchained I'd be set - as it is, I have to buy them both from work :P


Also finished reading A Regimental Affair by (Brigadier) Allann Mallison. I think I would have been better served by starting at the beginning of the Matthew Hervey series, as Mallison doesn't put a great deal of explanation of the past into the story; compared to Cornwell, who does enough that anyone could pick up any of his books, out of order, and instantly comprehend the characters and their histories. The language is also a shade jarring, being exceedingly 19th century. While I don't mind it - indeed, I enjoy reading a book of that style - it does interrupt the flow of the story a little, and would certainly spoil the book for anyone who doesn't "get" the style of writing quickly. Also, there is very little - actually, there is no action whatsoever in the book. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the excellence of Bernard Cornwell's falir for action sequences, but there is nothing in the book that comes even close to that level. Again, perhaps I should have read the first two which sound like they would contain a bit more vigour. As it is, while I enjoy the characters (I think the period writing style makes it all the easier to hate Lt. Col. Towcester) I wouldn't re-read this book - but I would read its follow-on, or a prequel.

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I just finished the last book of Dan Brown. I enjoyed all of em. Now i'm going to read a book written by our very own moderator Malchik! Can't play many games now anyway, so that should speed up my reading.
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FINALLY got round to reading Terry Pratchett. Starting, of course, with The Colour of Magic.


So far, it is great, (half way through so far, which is quick for me, so that's a good sign :D )and I can only imagine that it just gets better. Will update as and when........

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I'm working on "Let the Galaxy Burn". It is a collection of short stories taking place in the Warhammer 40k setting (got into the setting from the game Dawn of War).


I LOVE Terry Pratchett's work! Sadly I don't have the money atm for Thud! but when I do!!! Sam Vimes is a great character, but I don't know about the best. I'd have to cast my vote on Rincewind, though I love all of the Night Watch/City Watch books.


Lately I seem to be working on my own books (writing them) then reading someone else's...

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