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Name: CrazyBump

Category: Texture Tool (Normal Maps)

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework

Author: Ryan

Source: www.crazybump.com

Forum: crazybump.com/forum



CrazyBump allows you to bake AMAZING normal maps from 2D assets. Enhance normal maps, and blend different maps together. Bake displacement maps and cavity maps.


Here are some tutorials that anyone new to CrazyBump should read:


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Here are some game-related tutorials related to modding with this tool:


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Here are some locations to find more tutorials related to this tool:


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Ooh, 40% off of Quixel suite is seriously tempting, I've been meaning to have a look at their stuff for ages now (may have actually d/led the suite a few times then forgotten about it hehe). Might be time to learn something new :smile:


I think I've been using Crazy Bump for around 10 years maybe (since it was new / in beta), and yeah, sadly I don't think much has changed since then, so is a bit long in the tooth by now. Still a nice app to use but I may be getting a bit fed up of the workflow (copy, paste, load preset, copy, paste, repeat ad nauseum) , and it's limited to 8bit per chan which makes me sad (If it isn't then lol, I will feel silly... so many years !).


If anyone is looking for a free alternative to Crazybump then I remember AwesomeBump being pretty decent, though I haven't used it in a while for some reason that I forget :tongue:

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After some playing around and watching the main video on Quixel's site I caved in and grabbed a license :D


Thank you so much for reminding me about this app jimhsu, I have no idea why I ignored it for so long (and kept forgetting to even try it) since it seems to be everything I have been looking for over the years, and then some!


Edit to infinity, there was an issue, they are very sorry, rock on :)

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