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First time trough Oblivion - Some questions


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If you are looking for an alternative way of dealing with Umbra you could have a look at Umbra the Unfortunate. The mod offers multiple ways of completing/not completing the quest, obtaining the sword and is customizable via the INI file. As a bonus you can have Umbra as a companion if you choose to let her live.
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You can start the MQ at any time. Just because you have started it that does not mean you must follow it all the way through immediately. You can go off on side quests or just exploring and the MQ will wait for you. I tend to see an interesting looking ruin and go check it out at any time between parts of the MQ. I talk to an NPC and they give me an interesting side quest, I put down the MQ to do that one. Not a problem.


You are going to find better weapons as you play. And eventually be a powerful enough mage to make some fairly powerful weapons. There is no reason to expect you will be using the same bow or sword in ten more levels.


Carry weights are actually reasonable. But you will need a house as soon as you can get one. The waterfront shack in the Imperial city is the cheapest vanilla one and you should save up enough to buy it as soon as you can. You can own all of the vanilla homes at the same time, and there may be some advantages to having a home in each city. There are a lot of mod homes as well, and some are even free. It depends on how you want to play the game. The containers in owned homes are safe for use. The containers in the rest of the game respawn ( you will lose anything you leave in them every 3 days) That is the main reason you need a house as soon as you can get one.


In my opinion, the two best large size mod homes are Glenvar Castle and Verona House. But you cannot just buy them. Each requires a lengthly quest. For Glenvar, you can start the quest at anytime. But you probably won't survive if you are less than level 20. For Verona the quest triggers after you finish the MQ. But you can look around the village and interact wit the NPCs there at any time. You just can't get into the house until you complete the quest. Both have plenty of room for storage and anything else. Both include a lot of interesting features, some you may not find right away. Some you may never find.


Glenvar Castle: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/searchresults/?

Verona House: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/searchresults/?

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Absolutely. Many of those complaints are from people who just want a simple hand holding kind of thing with a pointer showing you exactly where everything is. Glenvar is not that kind of mod - you will have to actually THINK and look in logical places for triggers. Light a torch and examine a wall in a dark corner closely. Look for a minor anomaly in the brick work. There is a walk through for when you get stuck and you will still complain that you cannot find something that is right under your nose. The result is you are lord of a large working medieval castle, with a working gate, a complete staff with their own schedules. More storage that you will need, a place to display your treasures, a hidden vault with plenty of places to put mannequins for displaying your armor (works with any mannequin mod) Even consideration for the vampire owner is included.

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But, is it doable? As I remember, there were people suggesting not install it because they'd look on a wall for a switch and find nothing, then advance the quest line and the switch would appear on the wall they had already looked at. I don't find funny to keep looking walls for hidden switches, for quests I want interesting and surprising stories.

My main house is Benirus Manor, I love the hidden necromancer chamber, and Khettienna did a great job enhancing it. For manequins I use ArmoryLab, it's very organized. I have some of Emma's houses and will install the others, they have a lot of stuff and are very confortable and Vilja loves them. I'm also gonna install Imperial Manor in the near future, it's nice and close to the lake.

I know I'm asking too much from you lol. Could you tell me how many NPCs are on Glenvar and what they are able to do?

I can't think ATM of anything else I'd want on a house, considering those I've already seen. I'm the adventurer type and don't spend much time at home. I also don't plan installing 10 companions and leave them in a manor. And if I'd do it I'd split them among the many houses I have.

I think what I could want yet would be something original, custom meshes and textures, some new feature that actually involved my PC and other NPCs, a nice bed, a nice place with pretty view for my dates with Vilja.

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I have played it through several times, And so have many other players - Believe me the switches are there - You do have to look, they are not obvious. And just like a lot of things that are not obvious, when you do see it, you will be asking yourself "How did I miss that?" It was there all the time and You just didn't see it. The first hidden switch seems to be the one that most people have a problem with. you will NEED more light. A torch at minimum. If you have a light spell use it also.


As for NPCs. lots of them, guards, kitchen staff, maids, blacksmith, merchant, gardner, 4 or 5 trainers, a personal servant and that is just what I can remember. Most of these are not companions, although some are. They are hired staff. There is even a second quest where you get even more guards plus a couple of surprise new staff members as a part of the quest. And all have their own schedules. They often come together in the dining hall for meals just as you would expect.


Of course you won't be spending much time at home. It is a place to store and display your stuff. But there is enough in this castle to keep you busy for a while. 2 big quests and several smaller ones. Puzzles that you will have to actually work to figure out. (the hidden switches are not the only things people complain about)


If you need a walkthrough just google 'glenvar castle walkthrough' - There were several video walkthroughs, But I remember a written walkthrough that I couldn't find this time

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yeah, umbra kind of exploit. have great armor and weapon early...

I've heard that we can disintegrate her weapon then steal it when her weapon break?

please tell me how is this exploit can be done,

method 1 : must make amulate or ring then place it at her? I don't think she will equip it right?

method 2 ; cast disintegrate weapon to her? I think this will make her attack me, this spell is hostile right?

so someone tell me please :) because kill her IMO is too brutal... steal from her is more considerate than kill


my answer for this

- When should I start the main storyline?

>>> for Kvatch rebuilt mod user, should do until kvatch then start goofing arround. because you can have Martin to accompany you. He is built in NPC and immortal, not that tough but pretty much usefull for protection

- Should I keep shadowhunt or enchant the glass bow I've found? If so, what enchantment? My strongest soul gem is a "greater" sould

>>> paralize enchant! makes enemy go numb, this is usefull when you sneaky little arrow still not bleed enemy to the dead

- I have room for 280 but I'm already occupying 220, I need to store something, where can I store items (I fear I might forget where they are at)?

>>> err... I dunno about this. maybe try some player house mod?

- Are the two swords I have good enough or should I enchant my own?

>>> you should enchant your own, and use this mod http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/24915/?

- What enchantment would fit better my axe?

>>> axe? sorry I'am not axe user.... maybe inject some element damage for versatile battle and paralize effect?

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I managed to kill Umbra at 2nd level. It took a LOT of time, a LOT of arrows and a LOT of fireballs. Then found at L2 the armor was too heavy to wear. :pinch:

Never let her get close enough to hit you - that is instant death at low levels.

Hint: Umbra has no ranged weapons or spells at all.

You will be better off waiting a while for Umbra.


if u using Maskar overhaul and activate climb ability, maybe she may reach you lol

yeah this exploit is for get a good equipment from start

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