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Younger elves look younger without changing everybody's face


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I want to make my Bosmer look more his age, or at least not quite so over-60-looking. So far, I can't find a mod that lets me just change my character; they all seem to change everyone of that race. I quite like the way they've done elves in Skyrim, and I don't want to change how they all look, I just want there to be a difference in the faces of a 20-year-old elf and and 80-year-old elf.


Ideally, I'd like something that not only gives the player the option of a less severe forehead and... whatever those slanty wrinkles that stretch from the outer edge of the nostrils to the corner of the lips are called (laugh lines?), but also adjusts the faces of elf NPCs who are meant to be younger (like Faendal, Malthyr, Brelas, Aicantar, Brelyna, Orthorn, Lauffyn, Niranye, Revyn, Valindor, Ronthil, Melaran, etc.) to look more their age.


Mostly, though, I just want to make my own guy look his age, and I can't seem to kind any mods that will do that.

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The best solution I've found so far is the mod "Final Younger Characters" by Limbek: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/2332/? which changes the basic young face texture, but the other rough and old complexions will still appear like normal on characters that were assigned those textures to begin with. I think it does slightly affect the underlying look a bit but it doesn't make everybody look like they're a teen model.



From what I've gathered in my own searching, in order to change ONLY your character's textures, normalmaps, or meshes you'd have to have them as a separate custom race - even if it actually had the exact same racial abilities etc. as the normal Bosmer. Although I haven't actually tried this yet myself there is the "Custom Races" mod that I believe provides you with a 'customwoodelf' race (among others) - you have to then place the texture/body mods you want your character to benefit from into the correct folders, so it does take a bit of work to set up.


The other way to achieve this would probably be to install the mods that will make your younger elves look how you want which will affect any characters you create as well as the general populace of Skyrim, but then use a standalone NPC appearance mod that would affect only the older elven characters to make them look old again..... but I don't know that there are any mods that make people look older and more vanilla instead of younger so.... yeah....

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