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Custom beginnings mod.


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Hello, my name is Norpham and I'm a beginning youtuber with the Vyper Network. I plan on starting a modded Skyrim Let's Play within a few weeks. Any well onto the meat of this request.


If its possible for anyone to make a mod that has you do character creation, then a small storyline that has you discovering something the Thalmor are up to and having them chase you down. While you manage to get away for the most part, a few scouts find you and in the ensuing scuffle you are knocked unconscious, then you awaken in the cart with Ralof.


If possible I'd like to have the character creation cut from the original opening so it goes straight from the cart to the cutting block. If a kind soul would make this I would be eternally grateful, as well as give a shout-out on my channel in the video with a link to that creators page.


I am willing to pay a commision depending on quality of the mod and willingness to work with me as I can be nitpicky at times.


If no is willing to work on this idea can anyone help me, create it by sending me tutorials or tips and tricks.





P.S. Here's a link to my channel if you're interested in the kind of way I LP: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCimgbOXWFvqj6tqMDNc-Fcg

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Ah thanks for that reply, must have overlooked that when I read the TOS. Anyone know of any good tutorials for modding?

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