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Just So Y'all Know (Honest Hearts Reborn)


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Good people of New Vegas (and hopefully also morally ambiguous people)!


There's nothing I really want from you guys. I think you're all amazing. A community like this is so impressive and wonderful. Loving the creativity and the respect y'all got, plus the know-how.


I'm currently about 38% complete on an enormous mod that I've been working on for a few months now, which I hope will be a really satisfactory addition to your Vegas experience. I'm remaking Honest Hearts.


Did it ever bother you that when you finally get to Zion, and you're going to finally meet Joshua Graham (easily one of the most badass characters of the Fallout universe) you walk into a cave, and the first thing he wants is for you to find walkie talkies? It bothered me. I wanted the story of Zion's to be full of mysteries and cool fights among the tribals and old campsites. I wanted to explore the New Canaanite culture, and influence Joshua Graham's choice to go back to the New Canaanites or to get revenge on Caesar. Honest Hearts had some of the most beautiful textures and characters of all of New Vegas, but I think with the limitations of DLC it didn't live up to what it could have been.


I'm trying to change that.


Honest Hearts 2 (or Honest Hearts Reborn, whatever) puts you in a compromising position when your caravan is attacked by Legion, and you as the only survivor are taken to a camp full of hundreds of Legion soldiers. There, you meet Livius, their leader, who makes you his pack mule and forces you to join his quest to find the Burned Man in exchange for your freedom. The journey that follows will bring you to get to know the tribes and history of Zion's, including the outcast raiders who have formed a religious cult around Joshua Graham, the New Canaanites who've started building a temple in the valley, and the many other mysterious individuals hiding out in the National Park. There will be at least a dozen playable quests, AT LEAST FORTY NPCs with conversations (as opposed to ONLY SEVEN in the original) three new companions including a Legionary hunter named Brutus, with a likely playtime of 6-9 hours.


This is mainly a story mod, which will be completely voiced. I don't have a release date, of course, but will keep you guys posted about new stuff as I have it. Any encouragement or thoughts you have are great and super welcome (I've taken some inspiration already from the Honest Hearts expanded thread). I'm not a very experienced modder, but I'm going to put the best that I've got into it. Until then, here's a few teaser screenshots! (everything, of course, is subject to change)


Keep truckin, y'all!





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