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"This Save relies on content that is no longer avaliable" Information Extension mod


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Can anyone make a mod like this


"This Save relies on content that is no longer avaliable" Information extension.


Pick a better/shorter name for it though :smile:



Most nearly everyone has gotten this message at least once, it happens whenever you uninstall mod(s) and the game you are trying to load was saved with the mod(s) you removed.


however, it doesnt say which ones, in morrowind when you loaded a save with missing files it would say something like:


Error: missing file; better landscape mod 2.1

Error: missing file; missing texture high res plants mod 3.5


then you would either press continue or cancel with every message.



(the mod names are just examples of typical names)


if someone could make a mod for skyrim which did this, that would be very useful.


for example whenever you load a game and forget which mods you used in the savegame, this kind of mod would be to give you that informaton so you can easily find and install the missing mods.



another idea for this mod would be to give a clear and strict warning about loading a game without the missing files, since so many are likely to ignore it, not knowing the potential of savegame corruption when you do.


the vanilla message is too casual: This Save relies on content that is no longer avaliable


an example of a better way of telling you how dangerous this is for your savegame:



this could be optional, for those who know what they are doing, and dont want to see capslock message :smile:


making this mod should probably be fairly simple, and be well appreciated.



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