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Crafting menus close after crafting anything


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I just started a new game and noticed after I got to Whiterun and started using the tanning rack and forge that right after I craft anything at either work station, the crafting menu closes and then usually reopens after a few seconds...sometimes not. I was in third person when this happened. I tried first person (using Immersive First Person mod) and was stuck in first person after being kicked out of the menu. I then saved my game inside the nearby shop and quit, but the save won't load without CTDing immediately. Interestingly a save I made a few minutes prior outside (after encountering the problem) loads fine and I'm able to continue playing. The menus don't kick me out until I craft something. I was wondering if this could have anything to do with having WAY TOO MANY entries in the crafting menus. I have many weapon and armor mods so there are hundreds of recipes in my crafting menus.


I've googled this issue but only found people being randomly kicked out of crafting menus. Mine isn't random. It happens after crafting something...and then reopens sometimes.

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