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Commanding Shaun


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Can somebody please tell me how to use this addkeyword WorkshopAllowCommand? I keep applying it to Shaun and just regular console but I still cant command Shaun. Can somebody make a video maybe? all I want to do is just assign him a bed xd

Find Shaun. Press ~ (tilde). Cick on Shaun to select his RefID. Type in console :

AddKeyword WorkshopAllowCommand

Quit console by pressing ~

Go in workshop mode and assign him to a bed like you would assign other settlers. Note that Shaun or other children won't use usual workshop beds. They need kid's beds that can be found in various mods.

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Yes I know you all may have figured this out but here it is for those who have not.

Be able to command all kids including Shaun make a bat file and call it what you want and put this in. (Mine is called cchild.)
(This command bat file will also work on Smiling Larry.)

setpv bCommandable 1
setpv bAllowMove 1
setpv bAllowCaravan 1
addkeyword WorkshopAllowCommand
addkeyword WorkshopAllowMove
addkeyword WorkshopAllowCaravan

The last 3 lines makes it start as soon as you use the bat file on them.
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