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Story & Gameplay Re-Work: Fallout: Us


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Fallout 4 almost did a really amazing thing in Bethesda history: it almost made a game that wasn't just about you. I think a mod could fulfill this vision.


By making the protagonist have a child and a family, it dictated certain things about your character. They couldn't just be a "Lone Wanderer", someone with no ties who can do what they wanted. It created lots of new roleplaying possibilities and challenges.


But I don't think it went far enough! So, we


What I'm imagining is probably a mix of a lot of possible mods. Even little parts of it could be great mods on their own. But the whole effect could be amazing.


I'm imagining a mod where you are in charge of a settlement, and you're tied to it forever. No more of this "I'm the mayor of the woooorrlld!" stuff. Instead, your goal is to keep your village alive and build a thriving city with trade routes, protected from attacks.


A few major ideas:


- If the people in your settlement die, you lose.

- ONLY ONE VILLAGE You choose your settlement at the beginning and get some people in it to start. Most of these guys have stories and quests, but anyone can die and their quests can fail.

- NEW STORY The story starts there. The only defined part of your story is that you're the one everyone listens to, though there will be arguments. I think I'm imagining a totally different story, though it could still take place in the commonwealth and still have the Institute and the Brotherhood.

- STUFF HAPPENS TO YOUR SETTLEMENT MORE. Every time you leave your town, you have to choose whether to focus on gathering food, defending the town, or gathering materials. Every time you come back, you get a report of what happened. You can choose in the mod settings whether to make things happen to the town once a day while you're gone, or twice a day, or four. This can be attacks, new visitors, good finds, injuries, etc.

- It's kind of like The Banner Saga or XCOM. You have to take care of your people. You have to choose jobs. And all your quests connect to that.

- It could also be cool if you have a family here. You have a spouse and 2 kids, one who's too little but the other who could be a fighter and a companion for you to go out journeying with.


What do you guys think? What would you want to see in a Fallout that's more about group survival rather than just you on your own? Would it have to be in a new place or could it be in the Commonwealth?

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