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New houses (farms actually) for NWN2


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The player just steps in. The roof fades for camera purposes. Here are a few screenshots from a test module:


In front of the door...



Now inside the house, view from outside.



Still inside the house, looking through the windows.



View from above, notice how the roof faded.



What? A dragon here?

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I see. Interesting and different. Basically one can do the same thing with BCK, right? It's just that these building you make are easier to use since we don't have to place them piece by piece, but rather as a single placeable. Any camera problems whatsoever? I ask specifically about the view from inside the house (picture 3). Is that character mode?


So many questions :D. Sorry. It's just that I'm envisioning my next module to be without transitions, or at least minimal. If we arrive in a village with 5 houses I would like no transitions in and out for just one small interior. Do you see such a thing happening with a combination of your buildings and BCK?

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