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Looking for voice actors for a game


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Hi everyone,


I'm a Game/Level designer, and part of a team of currently 3 people. We're making a first-person walking simulator game, kind of like Dream/Cradle/Firewatch/Disappearance of Ethan Carter. The aim of this game is to be published on indie games sites and eventually achieve Steam Greenlight, and then either only enhance our portfolios, or, if success is met, lead to the foundation of a game studio. But that's another topic.


The game is currently in production, 60-70% of the whole levels is done. The gameplay is written down and ready to be set in the engine, half of the music being composed, other half is done.


FIRST OF ALL: This is NOT a paid job. I'm sorry, but we're all working on the side, and don't have fonds to pay anyone on their role in this project. I wanted it to be perfectly clear as all the team has agreed to it. However, you will be in the credits (full name and/or nickname), and you'll be given copies of the game for your personal use and close friends/family. You'll be able to bring this experience to your resume, and you'll be working with a team full of nice people! Well three people; but we all know each other very well, so the atmosphere is quite relaxed. Oh and your advice will be taken into account. I'm the one responsible for the story and dialogues, and would love to have someone that can actually suggest different things in dialogues/tones if they think that can enhance the game.


We would need voice actors for 6 different characters:

- A boy (young H) between 6 and 12

- A girl (young D) between 6 and 12

- A young man (H) in his twenties

- A young girl (D) in her twenties

- A woman (M) in her forties

- A man (F) in his forties


I'm not familiar with voice acting that much, so I'm gonna state some details, and hopefully they'll be relevant to what you'd ask. We don't care about the eventual accent, though we'd like the voices to sound pretty much in "normal" (no eastern europe/asian accent) english/american for H, M and F. It's fine for D to have a little foreign accent, whichever it is, it might even add to it.

I don't know how much one person can imitate different voices, so we probably do not need 6 different people. As for the kids' voices, if it's not possible/too difficult without using actual kids' voices (which can be problematic), we can have the people voicing D and H voicing their younger versions themselves, in the same manner, and have it explained in game.


The M and F characters have only a few lines, like 5/character.

The young H and young D have a bit more lines, probably around 30 (still not established as most of the dialogue is being written).

D should have around that much lines too.

H will have more lines, as it is the main character. So probably around 50.


It is a game supposed to make you feel something. I've tried the most to structure the story and characters' ways of thinking and feeling to achieve something that would be moving. That is the goal. We have a very good music composer, so the only part that is left on the feels department are the voices.


Ok, I've pretty much said it all. Last but not least, we'd like the game to come out this winter. So deadline is, say, around march. March would be uploading the game, complete, tested, on all available platforms.


Thank you all for your time, hoping this will interest some of you! I may not be responding to the topic dailyly, but I will answer to all of you, and eventually announce when we found all our voice actors.


Don't hesitate to ask for more details if need be, and have a great day!




EDIT: Added screenshots, taken with the print screen key (so really bad quality), the game is WIP and obviously looks much better in-game and in-engine.

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Could not contributors expect to be paid if this game did create a substantial foundation for a game studio? Like royalties or something? After all you may all be doing it on the side, but if you found success and were able to make substantial money from it, would you not also compensate contributors to the product which you would benefit from? Seems like the kind of prospect that should be considered by a professional development company.

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