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[Request] Consumables Spoil


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Hi people.


If there's anyone on modding survival, I'd like to add a request.


The survival mode is still a walk in a park in some ways. One thing, because food, water and meds are like eternal. Once you hunt down 10-15 molerats, you can forget about hunting for like a week. Once you get crops or harvest wild fruit enough, you stop caring about farming/foraging. So, the idea is.


Once you harvest something raw (meat/fruit), you have some limited time to cook it, otherwise it spoils and you dispose of it. (with a configurator item one could pick the interval that would seem right). Cooked items also spoil, but slower. And the more complex is the food, the slower it spoils. Water also spoils. Purified water stays clean for a day (24 hrs), then it becomes Dirty. Dirty water becomes Spoiled in another 24 hrs, so you'll have to find new water.


So {Spoiled} would be an attribute, like {Raw} or {Cooked}. Maybe two levels would be nicer (Spoiled, then Rotten which you throw away), I dunno. It's details.


One other thing, maybe animal behavior might need a little tuning: once you kill 1-2 from a pack, others run away very-very fast - faster than now.


I'd also like to see Meds with the chance to fail: expired Radaways, stimpacks that don't heal or even inflict damage, drugs that poison you, because how the hell could they be perfectly working after all these years?

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