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Heavy ingots/ores mod


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I installed about 80 mods on a rampage, and now i'm having trouble identifying wich mod changed the weights of my minerals

I SUPPOSE it's the same one that added Armorer's (mineral) ingots, but i'm not sure
for example i have an Iron Ore weighting 7.6 instead of 1

Any idea wich mod must be doing that?

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Load order would be immensely helpful for people interested in playing detective. It's next to impossible without one.


With that said, I really hope you learned what not to do in the future. Throwing tons of mods at once is seldom a good idea, and you should only install mods in small amounts so you can test the stability of your game and actually be able to determine for yourself which recently installed mod is causing the issue.

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Necroing because I had the same problem.

I used te5edit to check that changed the item weight;

It is a popular mod, Immersive Jewelry SSE

"This crafting system is an expansion of the standard ingot smithing system and does not alter it, other than material weight. "

"Q: I hate having realistic weights for the vanilla ingots! It's perfectly fine with me that they go back to weighing 1 feather each, even though the new 1/10th portion bars included in IJ weigh more than 1 feather! For that matter, I hate having weighted septims too!

A: Really, try the "Exchange Currency" mod by UniSL. It was designed with Immersive Jewelry in mind. It adds a dialogue option where any shopkeeper can turn your heavy septims into really beautiful and immersive lore friendly banknotes. As for the heavy ingots, I think it's a bit silly not to want them, and the fact that they were left at "1" when dragonbones weigh 15 is probably a dev error..."

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