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I Got Banned


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I'd like to appeal a chat ban applied this evening by DrGrimm. After the ban I PM'd DrGrimm with the same details I'm giving here, but I can see the PM has not been read yet and now I've seen this thread I thought I should put details here.


I tried clicking the Unban Form but it's a 404.


I'm not sure if I should put details here, or wait for DrGrimm to read my PM and respond, or PM someone else. So I hope it's OK if I explain here publically.


I was banned for mentioning console modding. But I was not referring to piracy or anything similar. I did not realise that the mere mention of any console modding was bannable. I apologise for that, clearly I should have read the rules properly before signing in.


As to what I said specifically: referring to the Wii, I said "One advantage of the Wii is that it got rooted and there's some excellent Homebrew available. You can rip your game disks and play them from a HDD." I had hoped it was clear from "rip your game disks" that I was referring only to games you already own legally. I was talking of the homebrew and convenience benefits of modding, not piracy benefits. I have modded my own Wii but only so I could play the games I'd already bought legally in a more convenient way, and apply game mods/cheats etc. I hate piracy!


I know ignorance of the rules and not reading the terms is no excuse, but I hope you can see that there was no malice on my part and no intention of promoting piracy. However in hindsight I can see that even though I was not discussing piracy, what I said could be seen as promoting it anyway, given that most console modding IS related to piracy, even if mine wasn't. So yeah, it was stupid to bring it up at all.


I would appreciate it if you'd review the ban - there's certainly no chance of me making the same mistake twice!


Thanks in advance.

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Really, your found this thread with no problem ?


Then go down to this thread: http://forums.nexusm...supported-here/


On the same forum, just down about 7 topics and stickied.


OK, yes I see. No, I hadn't read that: prior to being banned, the only posts I'd read on Nexus were comments on individual Skyrim mods. I'd not read any of the general forums before I went straight into chat.


I fully realise now that it's not permitted to talk about it at all - my mistake was that I wasn't aware of that before I did.


But as I said, I realise ignorance is no excuse. To be clear: I am not saying that the ban was unfair, I fully accept that I should have been aware of all the house rules before joining chat (and indeed before entering I had clicked an "I agree" statement specifically saying that.)


I just wanted to make it clear that it was ignorance, and nothing more serious: my intentions had nothing to do with piracy or intending to promote it. I was therefore hoping that perhaps you'd allow me another chance.



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just got banned from chat, was wondering if i could be let back in.

i was talking about how i wasted 2 hours trying to get my mods to work, turns out i had a deadmoney mod that ran off deadmoney.esm which i didnt have because i dont own dead money so it was making me crash.


anyways, someone said 'thats not appropriate', and i asked 'whats not appropriate' and i got a PM from astral saying 'he's talking about piracy' which i thought that was the case so i confronted him about it and said that i didnt own deadmoney because i bought nv and old world blues and lonseome road seperate, i didnt buy dead money. i then asked him not to assume i was pirating. he then said to me 'i wasnt talking about piracy' so i assume i offended him by being a little confrontational about it.


i assume my minor hostility i gave him was what got me kicked. anyways, it was just a misunderstanding as far as i can see. not sure why astralstar told me he was talking about piracy in the first place lol.

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im still asking to have my chat ban removed, it was a stupid misunderstanding lol. i dont have any 'obsession' with piracy. not sure why you're saying that. in any case, its alright if you wont unban me, but i'm just letting you know there's really no reason to prevent me from entering the chat since i didnt do anything wrong. i wasnt even talking about piracy, i got confronted about talking about something 'innapropriate', i just assumed that he was accusing me of pirating something. in any case, even if he wasnt, its not like i was bringing up the topic of piracy just for the hell of it, i was just making an assumption based upon a pm i recieved from somebody. so how about it?
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Members of the staff please correct me, if I'm wrong, but from what I remember Chat Bans unlike Site Bans aren't permanent. Most I've seen so far were simple 'timeouts' to cool down and were lifted a couple of days after the incident.

From what I know it's really nothing worth making a fuss about... and getting yet deeper into trouble in the aftermath. It's best just to wait it out, if you ask me.


I tried reading it up everywhere, but couldn't find any information about this specific part of the site's administrative measures, neither in the ToS nor in the Chat Rules nor the stickied topics of this forum section so far. So if I'm remembering right and it actually is part of the ruleset how long Chat Bans usually take and that they aren't permanent to begin with... won't it be helpful to have this written down somewhere for everybody to read it up? If I'm wrong and it isn't, ignore what I just wrote.


However, taking it out in public, discussing moderator actions publically, "is" a breach of the rules leading to a site ban. So Kuroitsune's right, it's best to drop it here or ask a staff member via PM about it.

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We are usually amenable to chat unbans when approached in private with a reasonable enough explanation, apology, and promise not to make the same mistake again.


I suggest you think it over very carefully and write DrGrimm a sincere message with the above elements via the PM system.


Many chat bans are permanent, if it doesn't say it's temporary in the Ban Notice, than it is permanent. All bans may be appealed once.

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first of all im sorry for making another account my old account got banned after posting my first comment in chat i didnt swear but i said something bad and was instantly banned with out warning if they told me to stop i would have but now i want to get my old account and this link isnt working all it says is error i really like this website and i dont mean to do any harm i just want to download mods and play skyrim Edited by trentyn
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