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I Got Banned


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Note: If you were banned from chat but not the main site, please contact a member of staff via the PM system to resolve the issue. Do not post in the forums or you may lose your site membership as well.

You have an appeal process available to you:


Members who wish to may fill out this form which will create a thread in the staff forums.


It is a one time use form that you cannot interact further with. The staff will collectively review and examine your appeal and reach a decision through general consensus. If your appeal is granted you will see your ban thread amended to read "Reinstated" or "Unbanned" as in this example.


You may be assessed a strike or two if you are reinstated.


If your appeal is denied, you will not be notified and nothing will be announced.


Here is a real example of a ban appeal we received that probably would not do your cause much good:


You are the perfect exemple of people who abuse of power , hell the system is so stupid bann me to your heart content i will create another email another account even changing my ip by phoning my internet provider.

THE only thing that will make me is nastier ;D and someday i will retrieve you guys don care of i have to paid a plane ticket dont care if i will travel half the world.

I will retrieve you and pound you so much that my hand will be red and dont worry I am an ex-legionary killing is not a problem ;D


(yes, it's real)


Read the Terms of Service , and the All Newbies Read This Before Posting thread, if it was a Chat Room incident read the chat rules as well.


If you do not find a ban notice posted in the 'Forum rules and strikes' section then it is possible that your username was deemed inappropriate.


Creating a new account will almost certainly mean you will not get your account reinstated; as multiple accounts are prohibited.


So think about what you want to say, but it is your appeal so do as you will.


If your account was banned but you cannot find a ban message, please examine your username. Inappropriate username accounts are banned without a public thread.


EDIT by LHammonds: Hey buddah...did you know that if you write in red, most people are color blind and cannot see it? /sarcasic-humor :thumbsup:

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OK I AM NOT BANNED but I can no longer enter chat. can someone tell me why this şs? thank you ( please send me a message inbox)


noones answering. Thanks a lot I guess. Sorry for whatever I may have done

The reason no one answered was most likely because you asked for a message to your inbox, and as such most people just assume that the likelyhood for someone else answering is pretty high.


As for your problem, are you using google chrome and/or veoh toolbar? I know that there has been someone who had the same problem, but the chat still worked once one either switched browser, or finally uninstalled a veoh toolbar that was installed (no idea why though).

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I got banned from the chatroom because I sweared and then tried to make a point that people could just act more friendly there instead of kicking otherwise well-behaving users off.


Makes me really sad to try and be part of a community that I feel could be very interesting and then just getting beaten down for no other reason than: "I said so! Stop talking! Stop talking! Stop talking! Cos I said so! Shut up! You're BANNED!"



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Perhaps reading the tos, site rules and the chat rules would answer your questions.


Chat rules.



You must agree to the following rules to continue..


All the site terms of service also apply to the chat room.


Here's a couple of pointers:




  • If a member of staff (noticeable by the colour of their names; blue, green or red) tells you to stop doing something then stop doing it. Don't argue about it as you'll probably get banned.
  • No talk of piracy. We don't endorse it and we don't help anyone who has pirated any of their software.
  • No spamming/flooding the chat. Keep what you say to as few a lines as possible and don't "hog" the chat preventing others from having a fair say.
  • Don't provide links to sites that contain copyrighted, unlawful or otherwise Not Safe For Work content
  • Don't act like this is the chatroom for 4chan / Something Awful forums / some other chat room or forum you visit that lets you get away with anything
  • Do message a member of staff (people with green or red names) if you think the chat is getting out of hand
  • Do realise all the chat is logged, even when no staff are in the chat room


Note: this is not a support chat. This is a general chat about anything and everything (within the rules) that our members want to talk about. If you ask troubleshooting questions here don't expect (or demand) an answer. Ask nicely and someone might answer you (if they know the answer) but don't expect an answer and don't continually repeat your question.


Your question would be better asked on the forums.



So you admit to swearing in chat, and when warned by a staff member wanted to argue with him.


Not the smartest things you could have done.


He gave you a week time out, and you are having a hissy fit about it.


Today, 08:48 AM BlackBaron2 Kicked user Ianuarius

Today, 08:48 AM BlackBaron2 I'll just ban you until next Thursday.

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Why do you have to make a point?


Seriously, you think it's easy to be a chat moderator? You expect a chat moderator to listen to your back talk? It's just childish. A kick is a friendly warning. Ban equals gone. As you have now learned the hard(headed) way.


I don't find anything redeemable in your post at all. If you would like to be a contributing part of the community, why not start with following the rules?


As posted on the chat room entrance:


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Why on earth are you so hostile? Talking to people here is like going to a bar and yelling: "hey I'd like to have a good beating!"


I guess that's the way communities need to be these days. If someone says something you don't like just beat him til he stays quiet. I'll just shut my mouth then. Cheers!

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If someone says something you don't like just beat him til he stays quiet.

I can see you like to beat your drum. So let's continue this chat ban with an additional strike against your account.


STRIKE #1 earned.


Read the rules and follow them...or don't...but don't be surprised if there are consequences for your actions here.



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Why on earth are you so hostile? Talking to people here is like going to a bar and yelling: "hey I'd like to have a good beating!"


Your analogy kinda fails. Try going in to a bar, getting reprimanded by the bouncers (but not kicked out), and then addressing other patrons of the bar about how you dislike how the bouncers act, and see if the bouncers continue to bear your presence in the establishment. I can guarantee you where I'm from you'd be out on the street if you ever did that.


The difference is here the rules are clearly displayed; and I refuse to accept responsibility for you not reading them.

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