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Armor Modification - Add or Remove Parts


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Is it possible for anyone to make a mod where you could mod your armor pieces in the armorsmith table in a way that you could add or remove certain parts of them? For example. The leather shoulder\arm armor, you could add\remove the elbow pad and the bracer. You could decide if you wanted just the shoulder part, or the shoulder with the elbow, or just the elbow or just the bracer. I think it would be pretty cool and it would give you more chances for modding your equipment. Also, perhaps there would be 2 versions of the mod, one where it never changed the base armor rating of the piece and another where it gave more or less armor rating to it(depending on wether you crafted more parts or removed them). I had this idea when I saw that the metal armor had elbow and bracer in the light version and shoulder and bracer in the medium one. Why not have the bracer aswell in the medium version?

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