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Concrete Brick Nif Replacement


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To try to keep this nonsense to a minimum; I'm using Manufacturing Extended, which includes the Recycler.
This beautiful machine processes all those lovely junk objects into their base components.

Most component objects are fine coming out of the machine, but when it converts Concrete supply shipments, the odd shape and large size of the component's mesh, makes the collision matrix freak out and shoot concrete bricks out of the machine, off the conveyor belt and all over the floor of my factory.

I surmise that the easiest way to fix this problem, is to remove the top brick, and just leave the bottom one.

I've already tried looking online and in my game files. I can't find a ready-made mod or the files I would need to make my own. So here I am.

Would very much appreciate it if someone could edit this for me.

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Yeah my Nifscope isn't reading the .nif files in FO4 atm. I'm supposing it's because I haven't updated it since my last pre-SE Skyrim project.

I think the easiest objects to nick the collision from would be either the non-hinged lunchbox, or perhaps the cigarette carton if you increased the width of the smallest side to the size of a small breadbox. I did think of the breadbox themselves, but they're even bigger than the single concrete brick.

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