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Audio engineer here


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Hey guys, I've been modding my games for years now thanks to a lot of people's hard work and I've always wanted to jump in and join.

I'm a musician and sound designer (I do a hell of a lot more than that too), I've just been fired (I'm a chef), again, and I want to forget that and build my dreams before it's too late. One of those being building a career in sound design.

Here's my offer..

You need something doing with audio, let me at it.

I only ask to credited for my work.

I specialise in the darker motifs. Here's an example of my skill https://soundcloud.com/metabolical

I have a decent amount of audio hardware and much more in terms of vsts, samples and such.

Six guitars
A piano
DBX 1231 EQ
Behringer Composer Pro
Scarlett 2i2 usb interface
x3 mixers
Alesis Monitors
Di Box
x2 mid-level Mic
Ableton (with seven years experience)
Waves Sound Design Suite
And more

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howdy, and thanks for sharing.

It is unfortunate to hear that real-world is tumultuous at the moment.


are there particular projects you have in mind? certain games or features?

which games frameworks are you familiar with at present?

I only ask out of curiosity hehe.


in terms of kit - you've got everything AND the kitchen-sink

which no doubt you've moog-ified too.

that is some awesome kit.


turning to your soundcloud...

that is phluppin' awesome! thanks for sharing that

that'd be right at home in some FO themed stuff, so I'll be sure to pass that along.

|It is a little like Toxzik, Athana/Werner Cee, Circuline... meets ultra-metal and future-synth

it has a lot of other vibratto and complexity too.|

that is a lot of range in the portfolio, and the quieter pieces with tremolo, that is cool stuff.


there are a couple of projects you may be interested in -

livestreamable embedable objects in game engines - still a live stream, though can also be routed through the in-game audio nodes etc.

coding for that will be fun.

that would let folks have a tie-in to a soundcloud or other livestreaming source etc.

this would also work hand in glove with .gif or .swf framework for immersive in-game audio or podcasts.


random stochastic generation, 'discordant cacophonous asymphony' and nCr or nPr in music.

- you'll have some fun at what it comes up with.


8bitguy of youtube - you might find the reflections on the hows and what of the videogame history interesting,

his audience tend usually to be also at

- moddb, code-stack-exchange, and ThisWeekinTech (with leo laporte) -

this'll help you find potential projects you'd also want to collab on.

those other locales are potentially fiscally rewarding opportunities,

and great portfolio builders in addition to some opportunities which may exist at nexus.

it covers 8bit all the way through to the 'cutting edge' in terms of potential project collabs.


I hope this was of some use for you,

and hopefully some collabs materialize

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