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  1. sure, it can be a running gag or part of 'whacky wasteland' etc. Seriously though; the functional water chips etc must be around the place, V75, V104 and V111, perhaps even at the Mayoral Shelter etc. There's also that Vault Tec Inc office, which might have a 'stockpile' of a few crates under that "Sub Basement Level 2", all those Vaults which were supposed to have their backup waterchips might be sitting under a floorboard in that Vault Tec Office... There could also be some at General Atomics Galleria, hence all the Mr Handy's etc, they mightn't be aware its there until a pass-phrase is uttered, and that might be why the prior General Manager at the Galleria... had an unfortunate accident in the bowling alley. There might also be damaged ones at the K21b, Bravo Surplus Site and the Institute. so, they might be able to make a functional example from the damaged partials.
  2. check out the Optimization thread https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5522717-fallout-4-optimization-and-performance-systems-explained/ It may be regen'in the precombines for the stuff you deleted. If you deleted the warehouse without regenerating precombine for the cell, the game thinks theres a 'hole' in the topology. or, it could be a version-mismatch for that build menu item to the version of the game you're running etc.
  3. just a friendly reminder - if you want to have complex hypotheticals, there's always email long-form at the alternate contact too.
  4. from post #4 That's an open question, it depends, on your approach to "Philosophy of Mind" and "Theory of Mind".
  5. RE Post #1 the first question: I don't comprehend this question as presently posed - it appears too post-structural/ existential metaphysics. I understand this question to be "What is sentience?" which would be complicated. the second question; This question is also complex;
  6. great question check out the Optimization Thread here; https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5522717-fallout-4-optimization-and-performance-systems-explained/ It's back around page 20 or so for tips and tricks on precombines. ---- "do precombines return" A: Not usually, no. but, you can regen them or hybridize merge via stuff like Transfer Settlement etc.
  7. your inability to 'search-engine fu' does not mean what I alluded to, wasn't not there.
  8. Thanks for asking a great question, Mudran. (I tried to send a technical long-form response, though it was a bit too 'post-structural' for that format). yes, and indeed it does. It depends on how the "VR-ification" is achieved. that gets technical, and touches on similar things such as "Why are reflections in videogames limited, and not 'real-time parallel process'?" VR technology can be used for many things beyond that; "pre-envisaging" as part of surveying and architectural, FirstPersonVision Drone Racing and "Telepresence" through to use as a microscope/multi-scope etc. You bet! imagine some games which work based on string theory or higher dimensional theory. There's also rumors of a "Stanley Parable" game ------ indeed, a lot of folks are unable to perceive optical illusions or fractal art etc.
  9. Incredible Perseverance, Korodic! many, many thanks for this. I am hoping the folks that worked on the AGIXML-to-ESX converter, will also take a look at this mod. I digress; this becomes very awesome when we consider Elevator Temp-float partial loading cells, UGRID XTEND, and New Lands mods.
  10. It is an interesting 'what-the', that people have not (yet) responded. We can contemplate why that might be, from a "De Bono Theoretic interdisciplinary prerogative" You are ostensibly too critically-introspective my friend. We live in an era of 'big data" - every hour , teraquads of data are produced. etc. Personally, if we look at interactions; I have primarily responded to Non-Fiction subjects in the Debates section; specifically: "On Rocketships" "Are We Squander-izing Our Creativity?" "Moley Robo Arm" "Serco/Knight Robots K3 Robot" etc. While I appreciate poetry, especially 'free-flowing verse" etc, I moreso respond to the non-fiction debates topics, due to the awesome conversations which then transpire.
  11. RuadHan2300 made 'blink-nades', which can be teamed up with a time-delay melee attack... if you have a programmable controller, such as ones in STEAM controllers etc, you can short cut those rather than having to hold the button for a specific input interval.
  12. An interesting question Pagafyr, considering previous allusions to this topic made in your prior threads "Rocketships" and "Moley Chef Arm" etc. A: possibly, though what is that relative to? In terms of civilizations (the information economy vs 'fall of rome"/ 'end of civilizations" etc?) or in terms of information theory --- kardashev scale etc, or in terms of personal self-actualization and contentedness etc? "The Internet" as an emergent ASI, 'nous-sphere", often gets blamed for things beyond its control. the internet may be a factor in the multivariate - though it isn't the majority or only factor. The Descendants own autodidaciticsm/ 'spirit of learning' in Epistemology, Andragogy and Pedagogy, is also a key factor. as much as is how Andragogy and Pedagogy have changed since 1950s.
  13. I would disagree; many ghouls have gravelly voices.
  14. unmodified, when you enter the Vertibird, you can specify the landing location. The Vertibird will land near to those co-ords, or at the Fast Travel Mat. You could have your Vertibird Pad "counts as" a Fast Travel Mat. so, if you want to force the Vertibird Landing Sequence quest-ref, to check the Settlement Workbench "is Vertibird Landing Pad built?" and if return Yes, land at Vertibird Pad. that'd be a little tricky but similar and different to how folks have done the Teleportal Doors or more Fast Travel Mats etc. ----- A possible way is, to use the Trap Clamp, with a Flare Gun and Ammo Container, all connected to the Settlement Power System. that is a 'kludge', but it works. the Ammo Container ammo count is set to " = 100" so you'll always have exactly 100 flares in that hidden container. If you set "Toggle Opacity 0" for the Flare Gun and the Trap Clamp, it will be invisibly on the vertibird pad. This way is simpler than doing it the proper way, ie advancing questaliasRef IDs to setstate landed, so as your summoned vertibirds will just spawn in 'landed' on the pad etc. You then have options on how to control flares from that trap - you can control via a timer and the power system, connecting the ammo, or the flare as well as a switch or the pipboy menu remote access
  15. Indeed, QwertyZeldar, it does, though some folks do not consider it to be 'canonical', just as some fans don't consider FO4 to be 'canonical', or FOBOS, or FO3 Van Buren, or FOTactics, or FO:Equestria etc. I personally think Ol'WorldBlues is quasi-canonical. there were elements which could be argued to have been "whacky wasteland" enough to doubt the whole thing was 'canonical' hehe. yup, FO5 could talk place any when and hopefully more than just CONUS; so as we see more of the Fallout World. to date, we haven't seen very much outside of CONUS. Maybe they'll go back before 2077 to the 2050s, maybe they'll go way into the future, who knows? It'd be great to see a FO:Tactics RTS entry too - or perhaps a more linear themed factional spinoff
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