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FALLOUT 3 machinima series - Dawn of Dread - looking for voice actors!


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A machinima director friend of mine (Gguy), is looking for voice actors for an upcoming fallout 3 machinima (Dawn of dread). He had many ambitious and quite reachable machinimas that he worked on in the past, but many never got finished or seen the light of day due to one issue: being unable to find voice actors.

This new project (Dawn of dread) follows the story of an ex enclave soldier, now living in the capital wasteland as a scavenger. The character will meet many others in his journey across the wasteland, meet old retired comrades and get himself into all sort of scenarios.

For the project , Gguy will require quite a few VA's , but for the few first episodes, he only requires 2 voice actors: a female and a male.

The male's name is Jonathan Blake, an ex enclave soldier in his 40s, living in the wastes as a lone scavenger, hunting the beasts or scavenging supplies for his own survival. As an ex enclave members, he has a lot of training with guns, but either uses his combat shotgun or rifle most of the time. He is a serious patriot when it comes to the former U.S. and has a deep voice.

The female is a wastelander in her 30s, a very serious person that almost never laugh , but can get quite talkative. You can comment bellow or send the auditions to : [email protected] , gguy's business mail.

For more info, comment bellow, we seriously hope to hear from you =P!


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