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DLC mods have been around for almost three years. During that time we've seen an enthusiastic, immediate adoption by content modders, but a much more gradual transition by mesh/textures modders. This is a good thing, as DLC mods are primarily meant for content mods.

ME3Explorer staff have recently seen a spike in questions from users here and on Nexusmods about mesh/texture mods -- typically armor/clothing mods -- from creators who plan to release (or already have released) their creations as DLC mods. In almost all cases, these new mod creators are inexperienced. They lack sufficient understanding of other options and don't realize that a DLC mod might not be the best way to distribute their mod. They know DLC mods are the new/easy/cool thing, and they don't properly evaluate the pros and cons of using them. As a result, more and more DLC mods are being released for game assets that don't really warrant this type of distribution.


We encourage all new and veteran modders to read this new article on the ME3Explorer wiki that explains when DLC mods are necessary, and when they are not. The contents of this article are currently being discussed in this thread on the ME3Explorer forum.



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