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CK - Character Creation - Body and Face-color mismatch


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Hey everyone,


First of all, i am somewhat new to modding in the elder scrolls, but already did a lot tutorials in the bethesda modding wiki - so i know how to create characters and already did it before.

I also know, that there is already a topic about a similir issue, but that one did not happen during modding, but for any other reason.


My problem is that, for some reason all new created characters (even if i just copy existing ones) have darker faces than bodys (looks like if the interpolation value in the editors "character gen parts"-tab is set to 0) - it simply doesnt match their normal skin colour.

It ocurred sometime last night, while doing a quest tutorial from the bethesda-site - when i tried to create a new character the very first time, without any tutorials, the error did not occur.






I have the following mods installed:


- Female press out the wrinkles and forehead

- Freckles for females


But though it seemed to work with the mods enabled before - and though i already disabled and deinstalled them all, just to make sure - they dont seem to be a problem.


Thinks i did so far:

- deinstalling all mods

- Updating Skyrim (well, steam just wanted me to..)

- copying an existing character without any changes


It all didnt work.


Hopefully a more experienced modder can help me with that.. cant wait to have my new characters ingame :P



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Same issue here, with New Vegas simply converting the esp to an esm would clear it up for the most part but I tried it using TESsnip on the CK made esp and converted it to esm but it doesnt solve this issue.
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One thing I noticed, the only thing that seems to carry-over from editing an NPC is hairstyle and eyes. For example, if you gave the npc facial markings etc, none of those changes will be made ingame.


I edited a few argonians to be more exotic, ranging from blue, silver, crimson etc. All their faces where still green.

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Ok, I found a fix that works for pre existing/editted NPCs, it does not work for newly created NPCs. This is from one of the staff on the Beth forums, I tried it, it works and it is quite easy.


Here's a technique that helps when modifying an NPC from the base game.

•Locate some pre-existing NPC. I chose Hadvar.


•Edit the Actor > Character Gen Parts tab. I decided to make a drastic lip color change


•Click MaleHeadNord_Lips.dds in the left-sice "Face Tint Layers" list


•Click "Select Color" - choose something extreme, like a neon green


•Slide "Interpolation Value" all the way to the right (1.0)


•Click OK


•In the Object Window, find the base Actor you've just edited.


•With the Actor(s) selected, press ctrl+F4. Click "Yes" when prompted to export.


•This will create a DDS and a TGA in ...\Syrim\data\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\Skyrim.esm


•Note: The TGA is not really neccessary, as the DDS should be uncompressed.


•With these textures in place, run the game and test your NPC. Note that the plugin changes need not be saved.



When asked about it working for newly created NPCs his reply was "Unfortunately not. That's an issue we are looking into."

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Well, thats a great step forward, thanks for that Jupitus!

But still, good to know that it is a bug, not a mistake i made - hopefully bethesda is going to fix that soon...


Till then i can improve my npc-manipulation skills with existing npcs, should be helpful anyway :)



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