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Moving Breezehome's door to a custom house?

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Hi, guys. So, I was wondering if there would be a relatively easy way to turn a custom house into any of the vanilla houses instead of trying to add a new custom house to the spouse's dialogue. If you know what I mean. Like putting the Breezehome door in the custom house, changing the paths and the quest markers of "visit your house"? (It's not like only redecorating the interior, for I want it to work with a downloaded custom farm outside Whiterun). [i know I could also exclude the interior paths of Breezehome and change it to the interior path of the downloaded house, but, again, the interior would not match the exterior shape].
The thing is I'm horrible with these things, only know how to work with playable objects and NPCs.
Do you think it's possible or at least worth trying? Do you have any advice? Maybe a step-by-step :wink: ? If you think it's not a good idea, I won't lose any sleep on that.
Thanks in advance.

[sOLVED]: After spending nights trying to figure this one out, I found it is easier to create a new dialogue to the spouse, adding the custom house to the "I think it's time we move to..." tree. The part of changing the doors paths and the quests markers were easy but time consuming due to multiple master files loads. However there was still much work to be done with the stewards and Locations. Yeah, definetely not worth it.

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Custom Family Home and Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions already let you move your family to a custom home, if that's what you're after.


Editing those forms might stop Hearthfire Multiple adoptions working.


Which custom home mod is it? If it's on the list of compatible homes on the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions page you can just use that mod and it will handle moving your family for you.


If it's not listed there, Custom Family Home should work but you may need to add a few idle markers into the home to get the spouse and kids to look more natural in their behaviour.


Either way it will need kids' beds scaled to 0.85x normal size or the kids will grow to adult size when they use them.

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