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Some background information:

So, the dragon born is some kind of a very rare individual who bears the blood and soul of a dragon but has the body of a mortal, AKA man and mer. In the base game lore, the dragon blood is a gift bestowed to certain mortals favoured by Akatosh.

Wait, if dragons are children of Akatosh, doesn’t this mean that Akatosh is creating a weapon to kill his children, ironic huh? And why didn’t he just do it himself, or use a condom; assuming the dragons came that way, or in any case prevent the birth of dragon……

Anyways, back to the topic. However, in the DLC dragonborn of TES V, the Dovakiin meets the first dragonborn: Miraak. He was a dragon priest, who somehow got a black book, which then got Hermaeus Mora; the daedric prince of fate and knowledge to teach him means to great power. And with the forbidden knowledge Miraaks just goes all nuts and be like: “OH YEAH” and used his power to devour the dragon souls, which ofc, started a fight with the dragons. He fought against Vahlok the Jailor (another dragon prest at the time).

Side note: it was said the battle was so destructive that Solstheim was torn apart from the Skyrim main land…. Hmmmmmm, why can’t at least.. you know, do something like taking Nazeem and his sorry farm and throw them into the plains of Oblivion.

He was defeated by Vahlok, but was saved by the daedric prince of fate and knowledge by bringing him into oblivion, and after ages got slain by the player… feels bad man.

He did mention though, that he is capable of slaying Alduin himself; highly doubt it, HE CANT EVEN DEFEAT THE DRAGONS’ MINIONS, WHAT GAVE HIME THE FECKING CONFIDENCE TO SAY THAT HE CAN DEEAT THE KING OF THEM.

Conclusion: Sheogorath is the best daedric prince, reason: cuz he is the only daedric prince who’s dialogue can be skipped, and also, CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSE

On a more serious note: the Dovakiin thing coming from Akatosh is kinda sketchy, as the first dragonborn: Miraak got his powers after learning the knowledge taught by Hermaeus Mora, and start devouring dragon souls, so maybe this is a little battle between the daedric prince of fate and knowledge and Akatosh, who knows! Well.. maybe the “Bethesdians” knows.

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Akatosh didn't create a weapon whose sole purpose is to destroy the dragons. He merely gave the mortal races a means to defeat them. I would assume he could see the events from Aetherius and took pity on the nords but also felt pain upon seeing his firstborn being so cruel. And so he gives the nords a means to defeat the dragons. What the Dragonborn wants to do with that power however, is up to them. We know that Miraak was a dragon priest before his rebellion. He was working with the dragons at the time. However, he saw himself as superior and thus turned to Herma Mora for the knowledge and power needed to overthrow the dragons and claim Solstheim for himself. So again, the Dragonborn can do whatever he or she likes with their power, be it for good or ill. Also, the turning point for the dragons wasn't the arrival of the dragonborn, it was when Paarthurnax decided to teach the mortal races to shout. This alone gave the mortal races the upper hand needed to end the reign of the dragons. One could say that he greatest weapon against the dragons came from Paarthurnax.


Now, the reason you cannot send Nazeem to Oblivion is because he is a being off immense and incomprehensible power who transcends your understanding. He transcends the power of mortals and he is beyond you in every way, which he is quick to remind you of. (Allegedly)

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That is just what the cult of the eight divines (the Alessian Pantheon) believes, whether it's true or not we cannot say (because that's the whole point, Bethesda loves unreliable narrators).

First you have to understand that all Dragons (the Dragonborn and Akatosh included) are shards of a greater deity, the original god of time, known as Aka. And i quote from DovahOfTheNorth in the /teslore subreddit:

"Before the Dawn Era, back when everything was raw creatia and Aetherius, the concept of Time manifested in only a singular spirit, Aka. When the Mundus was first constructed, time was not linear, which is why the period of conflict between the et'Ada was known as the War of Manifest Metaphor, because every spirit had every power at every moment and could freely alter or rewrite events to a narrative that fit them, again and again. During Convention, Aka killed Lorkhan, who is sometimes known as his mirror-twin, and forcibly imposed linear time on not only Convention, but all of Mundus as well.
The stress of either killing his mirror-twin or imposing the linearity of time caused Aka to go insane, and his psyche quite literally shattered into countless fragments and shards. These fragments of Aka eventually manifested themselves into beings such as the Jills or the dragons we are more familiar with from Skyrim, with the larger/more powerful shards becoming the various Time Dragons/Spirits worshiped by the various races of Tamriel, such as Alduin, Akatosh, Auriel, Alkosh, etc."

source https://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/comments/6c29zf/whats_all_this_about_aka_being_insane/

Each shard represents a concept of time, Akatosh represents the beginning and continuity, and Alduin represents the end. It is a cicle that has repeated countless times in Mundus, it is known as a Kalpa, it is a period of time over which Mundus exists, at the end of a Kalpa, Alduin grows strong enough to eat everything (literally) and time resets back into the Dawn Era.

So why is the Dragonborn - a small, tiny little shard of Aka - able to defeat Alduin the World eater?

The cycle of Kalpas has repeated countless times in mundus. It is implied that during this Kalpa - the one we're playing on - Alduin is rebelling against his duty as the World Eater, he manifested before the End times and, while he is weak, he is still stronger than most mortals. He rallied the Dragons and gave them a purpose: to dominate over mortals, first in Akavir and then in Skyrim during the Merethic era, in defiance to Akatosh. Alduin calls himelf the "Firstborn of Akatosh" as a mockery to those who believe in Akatosh as an almighty deity.
He overestimated his strength however, for he grows stronger the closer he is to the End times, and we - as in the 4th era - are still far away from it. The Dragonborn, as prophecized by the Elder Scrolls, was able to defeat Alduin's rebellion against the pantheon and against his very duty as the World Eater.

We don't know about this however, because everything in the game makes us think Alduin will truly bring the end times, when in reality Alduin wants everything but that. This is because there's nothing that could've prevented us from walking away, after all:

"Each event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event." — Zurin Arctus.

The short answer:

Akatosh didn't send the Dragonborn to kill Alduin and the Dragons, the Elder Scrolls prophecized it, all he could do was point the way and give his blessings.

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