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New concrete junk model?


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I've noticed several times now that concrete is one of the more troublesome items in regards to manufacturing. the sheer size and shape of the object causes it to be flung from component extractors and similar machines, especially when produced in waves of two or more, presumably because of a quirk of the base game engine's floor collision rendering beyond a certain distance from the player. Concrete isn't the source of this problem, but it clearly exacerbates it.


I know said flaw is probably difficult/impossible to correct, leading me to wonder: is it possible to mod the size/shape and corresponding visual of concrete--the broken down actual junk item, not any other object in the world--so it causes less knockaround with machines? Perhaps separating the two-bricks-overlaid into just single bricks? (In retrospect, I'm not sure why Beth decided we needed the stacked version anyway; single bricks would have been perfectly sensible...)

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Well...believe it or not, the new component models actually made things worse. Over half the items come out of the extractor in a vertical stack, which falls over the conveyor edge at the first stiff breeze. For some reason, screws and springs seem to get stuck inside the workshop storage receiver, blocking everything else from entering instead of despawning and going to storage like they're supposed to. Frustrating.

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