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Skyrim Project Stability, is this still current?


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So in today's attempt at trying to learn a little more I stumbled upon this. Skyrim Project Stability by GrandBulwark (Forgot to add link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32363/?)

Looking through it seems to have a ton of useful information that I'm able to understand slightly easier then some other things I've seen. I've ignored the first bits in regards to different stuff specifically for your system as I am no where near good enough for that and don't feel safe. But I am reading through the rest and as I'm doing so I'm wondering if this is all current and applicable?


If you haven't seen my main thread all ready, I'm essentially extremely new to modding so I have s*** tons to learn...

I did take note that the guide specifies soul use for Win 7 and I'm wondering how this is for Win 10, the latest ver of Skyrim - SKSE- NMM - TES5EDIT - LOOT - Wyre Bash.


I have also seen the pinned threads by Gromulous under Trouble Shooting but haven't gone into to much yet as I'm currently at an information overload to a degree that's clashing with an impairment to my concentration amongst other things that I won't go into as it's personal. The information in these threads by Gromulous is more or less accurate I assume? More so with the Merge Patch and Wyre Patch thread as it was this year.

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