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What to do with my custom animation? (Fallout 4)


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Hello Everyone




I am trying to create a custom sitting animation for the wheelchair in F04 that I want Mama Murphy to use, because with the default animation her feet is hanging in the air... I managed to edit the "sitting" animation, the one where the NPC walks up to a chair and sits down. I exported the animation with HCT and now I have an hkx file again. My problem is that I don't know what to do with it... or how to tell the creation kit to use this hkx.


Can someone please give me some advice about what to do with the modified hkx file. I searched and watch almost every video on youtube that has something to do with animations, but none shows them actually adding it to the creation kit.


I have a feeling it might have something to do with keywords, wich I also dont know how to use...


Thanks in advance

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Watch one of the videos on "animated camera tutorial" by davethedrunk. Near the end of the video he copies his hkx file into the correct location and then uses the creation kit to correctly link the animation to the game, so you can test the animation.


But basically you copy the new animation file to the data/meshes/actor/new folder for custom animations in your fallout 4 directory. Load up creation kit, file, data, choose Dave's poses (install this) as the data file then go to gameplay, animations, try and find raider behaviour root in the drop-down menus, click that, scroll down to LOOSE, right click any animation and click add sibling, add your ID (what to type in the console for example wheelchair so it'll be playidle.wheelchair) then the next option is dynamic activation and then close, save it to a new .esp file to load with a mod manager. And it should work when using the playidle command.


Do watch the video first though as I am writing this from memory.

His videos are great and helpful so you should be able to figure it out. I hope this helps!

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