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Knights of the Knight Revelation help

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This an amazing mod. To be at the war room table with three other heroes was an epic moment. I truly felt like a hero of legend! :smile: Too much praise to give out... Also, the bull being her lover was nice touch.


The battles were a bit smaller than i'd like and should have been more of them. Not really a negative, just a nit pick.



I went through all the way up to the moment where I choose to take the position of the southern castle. I decided to delay it a while to finish out other quests. So, I selected not to take the position. The quest didn't complete. So, I figured I'd come back later and continue. I went back to the temple of the one, he's not there. I went to white gold tower, both floors are empty. He's not seeing visitors right now.


Where is High Chancellor Ocato?

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